The use of massage for physical and psychological wellbeing has been documented among communities and civilizations around the world for centuries. While the benefits of a good old massage remain unchallenged, the fast and busy lifestyles of the day do not leave much time for one to get a massage as often as is required to boost wellness. Motorized massage chairs have taken the place of the masseuse and make it possible for busy individuals to squeeze in a therapeutic 15-minute massage session whenever the time allows. The biggest plus in using a massage chair over an actual masseuse is the fact that the chair is at your disposal; use it whenever you need to without worrying about additional costs because other than contributing to your power bill – a monthly percentage that will not be significant – the chair does not attract any other expenses. If you are yet to make the big decision to buy one for your household, here are the benefits of a massage chair that you’re missing out on.

Stimulates the body’s circulatory system
The circulatory system plays an important role in ensuring that blood is constantly supplied to every tissue and organ in the body. This is the route through which oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the cells. It is also the system through which toxins are eliminated from the body. A massage chair relaxes muscles so that blood flow is not constricted and keeps the pathways for toxins open for continual elimination from the muscles and nerves. As a result, wellness levels are given a boost and you feel good overall.

Stimulates lymph system
The lymph system is responsible for getting rid of toxins and keeping the body well supplied with disease fighting white blood cells. Massage optimizes the lymphatic system so that toxins are eliminated from the body systems quickly and efficiently. As a result, your wellbeing is improved.

Reduce build up of lactate in the body
Lactic acid can build up in the body either following intense exercise or as a result of medication you’re taking. The unpleasant and risky effects of lactic acidiosis is something you can prevent with the use of a massage chair. Massage stimulates excretion of the lactic acid, leaving you feeling whole and healthy.

Relieves stress
Everyday life is defined by hundreds of small decisions and situations, many of which can be stressful at best. Constant exposure to stressful situations can leave you worn out both in body and mind. Left unchecked, stress often leads to a succession of mental and physiological conditions, among them fatigue, sleeplessness, high blood pressure, and loss of appetite. Regular sessions in a massage chair help bring stress levels down by de-clogging the mind and reducing the levels of cortisol in the blood, which is elevated to unhealthy levels when one is under stress. Keeping stress levels under control is crucial as it minimizes the likelihood of falling sick and minimizes risk of conditions like heart attacks and strokes.

Soothes pain, aching muscles and joints
Regular use of a massage chair will see you get rid of body aches and pain, including chronic pain. This it does by softly kneading the muscles, stretching muscles, and loosening knots and stiffness. As the massage rollers roll over painful joints and muscles, the warmth they generate provides relief from the pain. Each massage session prompts the release of endorphins, the neurotransmitters responsible for promoting wellness and minimizing the perception of pain in the body, thereby easing pain and aches.

Strengthens and tones the body
Regular massage chair sessions help alleviate tension and work to strengthen and tone the body, helping it resist injuries and strains caused by muscle tension.

Improved posture and balance
The cumulative of small and big body movements we make throughout the day leaves some muscles sore and others badly scarred. When any muscle is injured, the body naturally allows it to heal and, in the meantime, uses the adjacent muscles to make the necessary movements. Often, this leads to strain and misalignment, which are easily corrected through massage. Regular use of the massage chair will leave you with restored balance and posture.

Aligns the spine
Tension and misalignments in the vertebrae can affect the spine. Additional factors that can cause misalignment of the spine are poor posture, improper lifting of loads, injury, a fall, obesity, lack of exercise or inactivity and stress. In the massage chair, muscles supporting the vertebrae are relaxed so that the spine resumes its normal length and the vertebrae go back to their natural alignment. This relieves the spine of stress and pain.

Reduces pressure on nerves
When muscles in the body are misaligned, especially in the back, the nerves running through the vertebrae are pressed hard and compressed. Massaging this area releases this pressure, freeing the nerves so nerve function is restored and impulses can travel without hindrance.

Increases flexibility
The stretching mechanism of a massage chair improves flexibility, and is an effective way of increasing your range of motion. Regular massage will continually stretch your muscles and boost your flexibility.

Relaxes, rejuvenates and re-energizes
Perhaps the most immediate effect of using a massage chair is the instant relief and relaxation one feels. When you are too tired to go on with your tasks, 20 minutes in a massage chair will reenergize you and restore your energy. Enjoy a 15-minute massage when you wake up to feel refreshed enough to face the day’s challenges. If all you want to do is relax after a long day, a relaxation massage is all it takes to get you there.

Massage chairs offer plenty of physiological and mental health benefits. Owning your own massage chair ultimately becomes the preferable option when compared to paying for masseuse services each time you need a massage; it gives you the same positive impact of a human masseuse but at a lower cost.