Best Massage Chair Brands

A massage chair is a massive investment. The amount of money you spend on the product doesn’t allow you to compromise on quality. Before handing over your credit card, you’ll probably have determined in your mind that you’re paying for the best quality you can find in Canada.

Generally you get value for your money when you buy a good product. And in the world of massage chairs, good just isn’t good enough. You want the best. When something is as expensive as a good massage chair, the best skills and technology will have gone into designing it, manufacturing the various parts, and assembling them all into the desired product. And the manufacturer will have no trouble giving the standard 3-year warranty and some being generous and extending to a 5-year one for for labor and parts. And so, pick only the finest product of the best massage chair brands we listed here.

iComfort has a number of massage chairs and recliners in today’s market. Their chairs are sturdily constructed to offer stability during use, and are comfortable and easy to operate. iComfort focuses on making their massage chairs the go-to robotic machine for instant relaxation, which is attained by fusing massage technology and body relaxation techniques. Their chairs offer amazing massage techniques, heating option and even zero gravity function. iComfort is one of the most popupar brands in Canada.

Human Touch

It is one of the most successful American massage chair brands, Human Touch has worked hard to establish its signature massage chairs and related products. Their chairs are high quality productions, made using the newest available technology. The brand constantly updates its technologies and design to ensure that a massage session in one of their chairs is as smooth as possible. The chairs’ massage techniques closely mimic masseuse hand movement. It is probably why lots of users identify so well with these chairs.

The Panasonic brand is a trailblazer in the electronics industry. They’ve been involved in the design and manufacture of massage chairs for more than 50 years and are among the pioneers of this technology. Panasonic massage chairs are designed to make your experience using them as close to what a human massage feels like as possible. For this, they use high quality rollers, large amounts of air bags, heat function, and massage techniques depicting different massage styles. Some Panasonic massage chairs are quite sleek in design, with leather upholstery to complete the look.

Luraco is a brand that uses its best resources to ensure that their massage chairs are of superior quality. Right from the research, conceptualization and design to the production and assembly, all carried out i the USA. Luraco massage chairs are very comfortable and easy to use. The company has found a way to turn the complex technologies responsible for making the chair do what it does into a simple end product that customers relate with easily. Luraco seems to operate on the principle of availing convenience and best technology. It explains why most of their newer chairs can be upgraded to run the latest massage programs and features as the company releases them. Luraco has incorporated technologies such as zero gravity, heat function, Shiatsu massage, touch screen and remote control features to give the best user experience.

The name Ogawa is no stranger to you if you’ve been in the health industry anytime. It’s a huge company, if not the largest in the world in wellness technology. Ogawa massage chairs are built to give an amazing massage experience, and the brand employs a range of technologies like zero gravity, airbags, heating, etc to make this possible. Their chairs are sturdy and durable, with quality padding added to make them extra comfortable. Ogawa’s chairs are easy to use, have multiple massage programs and can be customized to give different types of massage each time.

Inada is another popular brand associated with fine Japanese technology. The brand combines sound technology with innovative materials to make their massage chairs that deliver beyond expectations. Inada has graced the industry with multiple firsts, and is known to incorporate some of the most high-end, complex massage systems into its chairs.

The Cozzia brand is affiliated with quality and affordability. The brand’s most successful models feature a combination of the latest massage technologies and zero gravity feature. Its easy to customize the chairs for a thorough full body massage or a partial one. It is one of the most popular brands today.

There are may more popular brands like Infinity, Kahuna, Omega, Osaki, HoMedics, Titan.