Best Cozzia Massage Chairs

Cozzia is a reputable manufacturer of massage chairs. There are many Cozzia chairs out there that are worth exploring before you can finally settle for one. The good thing with these chairs is that they share the same features and some technologies. Below are some of the best Cozzia massage chairs:

Cozzia CZ-730 is one of the high-end massage chairs with multiple features that will improve the user’s physical wellbeing. Also called the chair doctor, the CZ-730 uses a hand-held tension sensor to assess how stiff your back is. This helps it create a massage that will take care of the tension and free your muscles. It also keeps a record of your tension scores and this could help you know how well you are doing. Each of the rollers that massage your back has heat which is applied to the muscles to soothe and relax them. This helps them heal faster. The rollers use Vario mechanism and motion to deliver human-like massages. It’s a 4D mechanism that lets them reach all the areas of your back. The chair offers 13 world-wide auto programs, 4 custom stretch massages, 64 airbags and foot and sole roller massage.

Cozzia 16028 is one of the affordable massage chairs by Cozzia. It uses 2D massage mechanism to deliver massages up, down and across the back. It gives soothing heat to the back to help loosen tight muscles. It also has seat vibration feature which is helpful in dealing with tense gluteus muscles. By vibrating the muscles, it causes them to relax and increases blood flow in the end. The chair is equipped with 5 automatic programs. It gives air massages to the neck, thighs, feet and calves. It uses body scanning technology and chromotherapy lighting. It allows the user a maximum usage time of 30 minutes before it can shut off.

Just like most Cozzia massage chairs, Cozzia EC-628 uses chromotherapy lighting to activate the user’s senses and begin healing. There are rollers built into the footrest, and are intended to give you a thorough foot massage to boost your overall health. It uses 3D massage technology to deliver massages through a motion that’s similar to that made by human hands. The chair makes use of the zero gravity position to put the user in a comfortable zone where all the body weight and pressure is lifted off the spine. Decompressing the spine allows it to relax and rejuvenate.

Cozzia CZ-328 is another chair you can look into if you want an affordable yet high performance chair. It’s an S-track massage chair that lets you enjoy your massages whether seated in an upright position or lying down. It uses 2D massage technology to move the rollers around all areas your back. The chair comes preinstalled with 4 automatic massage programs and 6 manual massage techniques. It gives air massage to the arms, feet and calves. It has a body scan feature which captures information about the user and helps the chair create a more personalized massage experience for you.