Regular use of a massage chair has been shown to improve wellness and enhance overall physical and emotional wellbeing. For a long time, the only way people would get this level of relaxation and renewal was by visiting a spa or massage center. It was a costly endeavor but there wasn’t much else in the way of alternatives so you paid up for every session of your regular body treatment. If you were lucky, you chanced upon the odd discount or coupon deal and saved a few dollars. But this wasn’t always guaranteed. Things have radically changed and today, you can enjoy all the massage and relaxation you want at your terms and within the comfort of your home. Enter massage chairs, the game changer that turned around the industry. Tens of people are trooping into massage chair stores in Canada each month, searching for the chair that will save them from their demanding lives. And the massage chair stores do not disappoint. They are stocked with the best massage chair brands and have numerous models of each at any given time.

Homedics is very popular in Canada. Their proven manufacturing quality has a lot to do with the trust and loyalty shown by customers. But it also has to do with the ready customer assistance and after sales service that buyers have at their disposal. Service centers are easily accessible across different cities and states, and there are no difficulties experienced in getting hold of the company when one has trouble with their massage chair. For others, it’s all about buying local to build local,  a valid motivation that continues to strengthen the industries in Canada.

But it is not only locally made massage chairs that are sold in Canada. There is also a healthy variety of imported massage chairs from top massage chair companies in other parts of the world. Not surprisingly, many of these are based in Japan, one of the world’s pioneers and leaders in massage chair technology. Both imported and locally made massage chairs have to pass through a series of advanced tests to ascertain their quality and safety for human use before they can be allowed into dealer stores. Once the results from the tests are proven to be satisfactory, the chairs are certified for sale in the land. What, then, are some of the brands you can expect to find in stores here?

iComfort is among the top massage chair brands in the country. Manufactured by the Canadian company EBI, this brands of massage chairs is based on modern technology and is widely adopted for use in medical and wellness centers. They offer a variety of high-end, therapeutic models falling in the $6,000 price range. But they also have other, more affordable massage chairs.

Human Touch is a big name, available in Canada.  The manufacturer brings to the world some of the best massage chairs. It’s a company known to constantly upgrade their technology, which keeps them at the forefront of the wellness industry. They have numerous patented technologies to their name and their commitment to quality and innovation has earned them numerous awards over the years. The most popular massage chair lines from Human Touch are without a doubt iJoy and Perfect Chair Zero Gravity Lounger, but they have additional products that are doing well in the market.

Panasonic is another top massage chair brand, not just in this part of the world, but around the globe. The brand gets its technology muscle from the parent company in Japan, also the world’s leader in massage chair technology.

Osaki is equally big in the industry. Osaki massage chairs are modeled for optimum comfort and relaxation. They are made using a combination of modern technologies to this end and are known to offer physical and emotional relief. Their chairs come in a range of pro series chairs, regular massage chairs and recliners, hand held massagers, foot massagers, vending massage chairs and comfort chairs. They are known to offer prompt and excellent customer service and will go a step further to make sure your needs are adequately met.

Ogawa is among the best selling massage chair brands in Canada. The brand accounts for more than half of the massage chairs sold in Canada and is best defined by its premium quality chairs. The company merges different technologies to give their chairs cutting edge efficiency and world class performance. Some of their best sellers include the Ogawa Active and Refresh lines of massage chairs.

Inada is a popular massage chair brand best known for its innovative technology. The Japan made chairs are high performance and combine the finest robotics technology and sleek design to deliver comfort and relaxation. A few of the company’s original technologies have been replicated by other manufacturers, owing to their longstanding reliability. They are the makers of the acclaimed Sogno DreamWave and Flex 3S massage chairs.

More brands that are outstanding in quality and ease of use in Canada are Cozzia, Infinity, Luraco, Osim, Sanyo, Inner Balance, Omega, Superior, Fujita, Fujiiryoki, Titan, Kahuna. All these brands have a flagship line of massage chairs or two that are the result of extensive research and product development. In addition to their premium massage chairs, they also manufacture affordable massage chairs within the $2,000 mark as well as many mid-range massage chairs. Their products are widely available in Canada..

At any given time, massage chair enthusiasts in Canada have a field day when it comes to buying chairs. Every notable massage chair manufacturer has a presence in the two countries and buyers are spoilt on what to choose. Consumers have more than a dozen top massage chair brands to choose from  and tens of models and designs for each lifestyle and preference.