Cozzia Massage Chair

Modern living requires that we be conscious of our health levels at all times. Human physiological and psychological health is intertwined, and imbalance in one automatically leads to discord in the other. Making massage part of your day to day life will have a major impact on your wellness. Thanks to technological inventions in the robotics industry, engineers have, over the years, been developing innovative massage solutions, even going as far as making massage chairs for home use. Cozzia is one of the top brands in this area, and their massage chairs are readily sold in Canada.

cozzia-massage-chairFor increased efficiency, the massage mechanism in Cozzia massage chairs combines both the roller movement system and air massage system. When turned on, the massage system goes to work, providing therapeutic movements that are similar to those of a masseuse. Combining roller movement and air massage gives a more intense massage and stretches the body, eliminating tightness, soreness and pain and increasing relaxation and flexibility. In some Cozzia massage chair models, vibration and heat is used in addition to rollers and air massage systems. This increases the variety of massage types you can get from the chair. It also provides greater variety in massage intensity.

Cozzia uses different massage combinations in all its chairs. The most common of these are kneading, tapping, clapping, rolling, scrapping, Swedish and shiatsu. The combinations are availed in several preset programs, but you also have a chance to create your own massage programs and save them on the chair’s memory. What makes Cozzia massage chairs so effective is the massage mechanism, which targets acupressure points foremost and soothes them with accuracy to alleviate pain and fatigue. Cozzia puts you in control of the massage by giving you multiple control settings, which you can adjust to change the time length, intensity and speed of the massage.

Cozzia bases its product design on years of research and development. Each Cozzia massage chair is made using time-tested technology and seeks to deliver comfort, relaxation and luxury without leaving a huge financial impact. A massage chair from the brand will serve you for years and doesn’t lose its functionality easily. When buying one, therefore, you are assured that your money will not go to waste. To further assure you of their confidence in their products, Cozzia offers a warranty with all their massage chairs. The warranty period may differ from one model to another, but you’re looking at an average of 2 years on parts and 1 year on labour. Some models may have a longer warranty period but hardly ever shorter than a year. It’s good to confirm the validity of the warranty on the chair you’re choosing and understand what exactly is covered by the warranty as well as any actions or conditions that may void it. All these details are included in the fine print.

Buying a massage chair from Cozzia is a sure way of improving your wellbeing and overall wellness, as each chair is designed to relieve muscle tension, soreness and pain; relieve pressure on the nerves; relieve anxiety; improve sleep; and raise mental clarity, alertness and relaxation.

The most popular massage chairs of Cozzia are 16028, CZ-322, CZ-328, CZ-388, CZ-389, CZ-580, CZ-628, CZ-629, CZ-630, CZ-710, CZ-730, EC-360D