Cozzia CZ-322

Cozzia CZ-322 is one of the smaller affordable massage chairs with powerful features. It uses a variety of technologies to deliver high quality massages. It offers users with the option of up to 6 manual massage techniques. Through precise body scanning technology, the chair is able to detect the curvature of the user’s back and spine, and this way it can effectively create a massage that meets the user’s needs. It uses 2D massage technology whereby the rollers delivering the massage move up, down and across your back. By covering all areas of your back, the rollers give thorough massages to ensure that all pressure points and muscles are tended to.

The chair can be used in an upright or reclined position. In both positions, the rollers move from the neck down to the lower back giving deep massages, to take away pain caused by tense and tired muscles. This leaves the muscles relaxed and more flexible.
The chair is specially designed to massage the neck, back, lower back and calves. The backrest can be adjusted in proportion to the leg rest to create a comfortable sitting position for the user.

Cozzia CZ-322 is pre-set with 3 worldwide automatic massage programs. With such an option, you can enjoy a variety of massage practices that have been tested and tried. You can also use the spot and / or partial feature whenever you want to focus the massage on only one specific area. The strength and speed of the massage are adjustable; this feature lets you select how deep and fast you want your massage.

The chair has a seat vibration feature. The vibration targets the gluteus muscles in the buttocks. It removes pain and tension, and causes them to relax. It also improves the flow of blood in that area. Chromotherapy lighting is another feature. Chromotherapy entails using lights and colours to activate and relieve pressure on the nerves in order to trigger healing. All these therapies and technologies combine to offer the user the best experience.

This chair is not only affordable but allows you to enjoy the full benefits of massages. Massages are effective at doing away with tension, soreness, tiredness and painful muscles. They alleviate the pain to leave the muscles calm and reenergized. They improve circulation of blood. When muscles are tense, they affect the supply of blood because the veins carrying the blood become constricted. Through massage, the muscles relax and the veins dilate to enable better supply of blood to the muscles and other areas of the body. Massage is a good reliever of stress. It significantly lowers the level of stress hormones in the body and increases that of feel good hormones to lift one’s spirits, and is therefore a reliable remedy for anxiety and depression. It also raises one’s level of alertness and helps enhance mental clarity. By doing away with the depression and / or anxiety, one is able to make rational decisions or think clearly. Therefore, massage improves a person’s mental wellbeing.