Cozzia CZ-630

Cozzia CZ-630 is designed and manufactured by Cozzia and is a zero gravity massage chair. During the massage, the chair reclines to the zero gravity position which lets your spine relax by taking all the pressure and body weight off of it. The position allows the spine to receive an intense massage which takes away pain and strain, and improves the flow of blood and energy to the back. The chair uses 3D technology rollers to massage all areas of your back. The rollers move upwards, downwards, inwards, outwards massaging all the pressure points to give you relief. You not only get back massage with this chair but massages on other parts of your body too. It’s a full body massage chair that comes with 8 automatic programs and a custom massage option. You can use these programs to create an efficient massage session. You’ll enjoy a variety of massage modes including Thai, Chinese, Swedish, rolling and stretching.

Other areas of your body that are targeted by this chair include the arms, seat area, thighs, calves, feet and shoulders. They are especially worked upon by airbags which are installed in the same locations of the chair. The airbags use the compression technique to squeeze, stretch and release muscles which causes relaxation and better circulation. The chair has a total number of 64 airbags, and 3 air massage intensity levels. Besides air massage, your feet also benefit from reflexology. It is delivered through rollers that are situated in the chair’s footrest. There are a number of notable technologies that have been incorporated into the design of the Cozzia CZ-630. They include low noise design which means that you get to enjoy your massage in an almost quiet setting; seat vibration which is helpful in massaging your buttocks and thighs for pain relief; lumbar heating which heats the muscles to your lower back relieving them of soreness, tiredness and pain, increasing the flow of blood to that area; position adjustment for fine-tuning of body position; precise body scanning which records data about your body; adjustable massage speed and intensity; Bluetooth speaker for music –to keep you entertained as you get your massage, and chromotherapy lighting which lets you reap the benefits of light therapy.

It has a weight capacity of 300 lbs, and is suitable for use by people who are 5 feet tall to 6’5” tall. As the user, you can choose how intense you want your massage. There are 5 different settings to choose from. These include gentle, relaxing, moderate, vigorous and intense. The massages are delivered through the Vario Motion which is a mechanism used to simulate human hands and therefore give human-like massages. Massage offers you a number of benefits including improving circulation, boosting your immune system and increased flexibility.

Cozzia is one of the most respectable massage chair brands and the CZ-630 chair is designed to deliver optimal results. The chair has a wired touch screen control that lets you go through the various functions and programs with ease.