DreamWave Massage Chair

If the search for a practical wellness system has pushed you to consider massage chairs, you’ve made the right decision. Massage chairs are the future of optimal health. In recent years, massage chair use has increased drastically, pointing to the growing awareness of its benefits across all age groups. One of the best massage chair makes that you can consider is DreamWave. A flagship trademark of the world renowned Inada, global best massage chair technology expert, DreamWave provides an efficient way for you to get your physical wellbeing back on track. Fortunately DreamWave massage chair is available for sale in Canada.

Dreamwave Massage ChairThe driving force behind DreamWave’s success is the sound mechanism and technology behind its operation. The manufacturer uses a combination of massage techniques in each chair design, providing the user with an effective way of enjoying an intensive massage action at any given time. Use the control settings to change the speed of the massage movements should you want them to be faster or slower. This is just one of the control settings available with the DreamWave massage chair. The full body massage function is among the most popular features in DreamWave chairs. This function allows you to experience deep relaxation through the activation of the shoulder massage unit, upper arm unit and forearm unit which soothe the shoulders all the way down to the palms. This happens simultaneously with the massage systems responsible for massaging the back, buttocks and calves, and the foot unit responsible for working the feet.

The chair supports a wide range of reclining and leg rest angles to provide extreme comfort. Play around with the adjustments till you find the position that delivers the highest level of comfort for you. In addition to multi level adjustments and reclines, the DreamWave massage chair comes with a full body stretch function, which allows you to recline your body all the way down till it’s level to your feet. Intensify the relaxation experienced in this position by activating the 3D mechanism, an air stimulation function that increases the intensity of the massage.

DreamWave massage chairs are among the few massage chairs that have teen settings, a feature that allows the chair to be used by children above the age of fourteen. When the youth setting is activated, the roller blades are automatically adjusted, with the help of the automatic point locator, so that it covers the lower, narrower shoulder position of older kids. Families with teenagers have an easy choice of picking a DreamWave with the youth setting, as this makes it possible for everyone in the family to use the chair. Addition of innovative features like this one is part of what makes DreamWave an obvious choice of massage chair for many.

Make DreamWave’s innovative solutions part of your lifestyle by buying a professional massage chair from the wide selection of models available in Canada. The chairs offer a high level of relaxation and are equipped with multiple uncommon features for a unique massage experience.