Fujiiryoki Massage Chair

The Fujiiryoki massage chair is a pinnacle of research and design with many innovative features. This is a zero gravity type of massage chair and a pioneer in the industry. Fujiiryoki have been designing and manufacturing chairs for many decades, perfecting the design with each try. It’s one of the best massage chair ever made through the culmination of all their experience.

Fujiiryoki massage chairThere are about 700 combinations of possible massages with this top of line massage chair. It’s able to relieve tension and stress masterfully using the chair. The chair is unique and designed to mimic the best massage therapists. Fujiiryoki’s revolutionary massage system replicates the movements of the human hand. Receiving a massage from one of these chair can make you “doze off”.

It is able to go up and down or side to side and also has speed and time control. It has 7 levels of intensity adjustments in automatic programs and 12 levels in manual mode. A massage ball system gives slow and deep kneading massage just like a human hand. There is also rhythmical movement of gradual speeds for an even more effective massage which feels like an act of “tapping”. The kneading and tapping movements with the additional up and down movement of a fluid massage is able to relax the muscles.

The gripping and stretching of the neck helps to improve blood circulation around the neck. Fujiiryoki massage chair provides deep stimulation of the upper shoulder to relieve tightness and tension in the muscles. Effective soothing of strains and muscular discomfort in the lower back and buttocks is another of the benefits you enjoy. The synchronized massage reaches hard-to-reach areas and makes your hips more flexible.

Airbags are placed throughout the Fujiiryoki massage chair to provide a massage to your entire body.The gripping and stretching action squeezes and compresses your muscles and body, slowly easing your pains and draining your stress and tension. There are four automatic programs that will focus on your legs, thighs, hips, waist and back. Shoulders are massaged gently by the high capacity double airbags. To soothe away tension and stress that builds up through your day. There is concentration of pressure points in the hands and arms. This points provide relieve through gripping and kneading.

The soles and your feet are simulated by pressure balls that focus on your acupoints.The feet are kept firmly in place during the process. The memory allows you to create and save your own massage program. The whole body course helps rejuvenate, refresh, relax and relieve tension in your entire body.

The Fujiiryoki massage chair has a whole body program which includes a shoulder program and a waist program. These programs help loosen muscles and joints. This massage chair has standard options as any high end massage chair would have, such an automatic raising and lowering and automatic length adjustment. It is equipped with a unique 3D point navigation sensor which automatically reads body shape and size, determining your personal pressure points.

Fujiiryoki massage chair is the perfect choice for the massage needs of diverse Canadians since it gives you best results. This massage chair also has an affordable price and comes with a 3-year warranty.