Fujita Massage Chair

Fujita brand was formed by a group of professionals who were focused in promoting harmony and balance between human beings and mother nature. The manufacturers of this massage chair are determined to help buyers achieve a good life. The massage chair comes in different designs and a variety of high quality features meant to improve health and comfort.

Fujita massage chairThis chair has a zero gravity feature which minimizes spinal stress by elevating the legs above the heart and positioning the spine on a horizontal plane.This position allows a deeper massage to be applied. Fujita massage chair has a number of features which make it all the more unique.These are a foot roller massage, Thai body stretching, zero gravity, 6 easy-to-use health care auto programs and adjustable air massage.

3D real massage technology is included in Fujita massage chairs which is not the case with other massage chairs in the market. The next generation of 3D massage rollers used have an outstanding range and flexibility. The new Fujita massage chair is upgraded with a foot roller massage. The chair’s original realistic human hand massage system has the ability to push the rollers out for deeper massage or withdraw for soft massage. Fujita recreates the position the human body naturally assumes under the micro-gravity conditions of outer space.

Fujita massage chairs come in a very attractive design, several colours to choose from and features that satisfy even the most choosy users. Infared body scan technology, full air massage, Thai body stretching massage, and a discounted price for top-end models makes this massage chair brand incredibly unique.

The KN9003 is the latest product from Fujita. It comes in 4 different colours, so there is no doubt you could find one that fits nicely into your relaxing room. The model has raised the bar very high. But what makes the newest model even better? It’s the unique foot roller massager. The foot roller massager soothes sore and tired feet and improves blood circulation, making you ready for another day or week on your feet. If your work is stressful and you have to keep standing, you will consider this massage chair as a gift given just at the right time. The human body has more than 300 acupoints, with almost 100 of them in the back and neck. Fujita has a variety of technologies to address them all, from soft and relaxing Swedish massage and all the way to intense shiatsu massage. Invigorating energy is a guaranteed result.

Each Fujita massage chair offers different automatic massage programs to choose from for different needs. They’ve also introduced male and female programs that allow different power strengths through all programs. Other companies may like to complicate things but the Fujita chair is one of the easiest to-operate massage chairs with zero gravity in the market.

If you’ve already spent hours hunting for the absolute best massage chair on the market in Canada, you’ve probably come across the Fujita brand already. The model has more advanced features than any other massage chair. You don’t even have to worry about the price because the discounted prices regularly offered make the chair affordable. It is also possible to buy it online, so you can have it delivered right at your door step. Fujita stands for quality, advanced innovation and friendly customer support.