HoMedics Massage Chair

HoMedics is one of the largest massage chair companies in North America. Their products are superbly construction and have the markings of extreme quality. Given the good performance these massage chairs display, it is not surprising to see so many inquiries about the brand in Canada. Buying in a massage chair is one of the most rewarding acts of self-love you can splurge on yourself. Make it count even more by making HoMedics your brand of choice.

Homedics massage chairFew other brands match the excellence with which HoMedics massage chairs are made. The company only uses fine aluminum or stainless steel to make their frames. Their portable massage chairs are made using lightweight aluminum for ease in moving them. Both the portable and non-portable varieties are equally strong and will support the maximum weight allowed without a hitch. The upholstery on the chair is made from hardwearing materials that are soft beneath the skin to ensure comfort during use. To preserve the integrity and good standing of the brand, all HoMedics chairs are thoroughly tested before being released for sale. For you, this means that the chair is counterchecked for efficiency and quality so you are assured of getting a smoothly operating product. In addition to this, the manufacturer issues a warranty with each chair, to the tune of 2 years mostly.

HoMedics massage chairs are classified under full body massage, back massage chair, neck and shoulder massage chair and foot massage. Each chair uses one of seven massage types, namely percussion, vibration, kneading, rolling, shiatsu, spot massage and massage with heat. Some models have combined massage techniques for intensive massaging function. When buying a HoMedics massage chair, you can pick a model that is designed to massage the specific part of the body you want massaged. If your back is the problem, a HoMedics back massage chair specifically made for the back will provide the most effective massage function. If you require constant neck massages, choose a neck massage chair as this will have the maximum impact on your neck and shoulders. Do the same for every other part of the body.

By making their massage chairs highly specialized, HoMedics makes spot treatment even more affordable; these body-specific massage chairs are cheaper than full body massage chairs. However, a full body HoMedics massage chair will give you the best value for money because you can customize it to massage only specific body locations when you do not need a full body massage. The brand offers both heat massage and non-heat massage options with all massage chairs. Other optional features are remote control and button control. Meanwhile, all the chairs come with at least three adjustment levels for the height, seat, arm rest, head rest, and foot rest.

As one of the most trusted massage chair brands in the world, HoMedics strives to ensure diversity and flexibility in all its products, even as it maintains product quality to the well known high levels in the industry. See the selection of HoMedics solutions available in Canada to find a HoMedics massage chair that is perfect for your lifestyle.