iComfort Massage Chair

When you are determined to get back the control of your health, nothing can stop you from achieving the optimal wellness you yearn for. A massage chair will help you in this quest and is easily the best way to manage your health without breaking the bank. iComfort massage chairs are the leading massage chair brand in Canada, and are best known for their good design and quality. They are constructed from sturdy, long lasting materials to guarantee long service and can be used for years without coming apart. iComfort offers a wide range of massage chairs, including full reclining and zero gravity massage chairs.

The average iComfort massage chair comes with up to 10-12 massages modes, ensuring great variety in the types of massage you can get from the chair. Each of these modes combines three or more massage techniques. Common massage techniques used in these combinations are kneading, rolling, tapping, knocking, pressing and air compressions. iComfort’s massage combinations are carefully chosen and programmed to give a human-like massage, moving softly like a masseuse’s hands would. Vary the intensity of the massage using the available user controls, pressing the buttons for the massage rollers to move softly when you want a soft massage and choosing a more vigorous movement when you want a deep massage.

iComfort full body massage chairs can be programmed to give a full massage or a partial massage, depending on which part of the body you would like to concentrate the massage on. An air massage system is used to complement the roller massage system to create a more comprehensive massage mechanism. Individual airbags and groups of airbags are placed on strategic places around the chair, with the highest number of airbags placed on pressure points. The airbags don’t all inflate at once. Rather, each airbag inflates separately, effectively stretching the targeted body part to relieve tightness and improve flexibility. An air compression massage system is used in the seat and legs to provide gentle stimulation of the muscles in these areas. For the hands and wrists, a 4-head massage roller mechanism is used to stimulate movement and give a thorough massage action in these regions.

iComfort ensures flexibility and adjustability in all its massage chairs. To achieve this, the manufacturer gives a wide range of recline levels. Many iComfort massage chair models can recline up to 170degrees, with the zero gravity massage chairs reclining all the way down to assume the zero gravity position. A power recline feature is used to give smooth recline and eliminate jerky movements when adjusting the chair from one recline angle to another. Foot rests and back rests are completely adjustable and retractable. In most chairs, the footrest and back rest mechanism is combined so that any time one is adjusted, the positioning of the other automatically adjusts for greater comfort.

iComfort, the leading massage chair brand in Canada, offers a broad selection of massage chairs for home and professional use. Comfortable, easy to use, and feature-laden, these chairs are all you need to enjoy increased wellness and get your physical and mental health in sync.

Some of the most popular modes are IC1002, IC1005, IC1011, IC1017, IC1022, IC1101, IC1103, IC1104, IC1106, IC1111, IC1114, IC1115, IC1116, IC1118, IC1120, IC1121, IC1124, IC1126, IC1135, IC1150, IC5500