iJoy Massage Chair

Is the weekly trip to your therapist becoming tedious, not to mention costly? Then you’re probably searching for alternatives that will put an end to your therapy sessions. Have you seen the iJoy massage chair? It’s a modern day invention packed with all the goodness of a conventional robotic massage machine. The iJoy line of massage chairs is a trademark of the acclaimed Human Touch massage chair technology company. It is defined by its small stature and efficient operation. In designing these massage chairs, the company sought to provide a practical solution for assured relaxation in compact spaces. Unlike most massage chairs, iJoy massage chairs are small in size but bear all the benefits of a standard massage chair.

The iJoy massage chair is built in a sleek design and shape. It doesn’t take up much space, a characteristic that makes it perfect for placing at a corner of the living room. Use the chair in your bedroom, office or place it in the lounge or patio. No matter how small you think your space is, the iJoy can quietly squeeze in without disrupting your furniture placement. The small iJoy frame is complemented by soft faux leather and suede upholstery, made comfortable by a thick foam layer that is soft to sit and lie on. This same sleek design can be seen across all iJoy models, from the iJoy-2310 to the iJoy Active 2.0, iJoy-2720 and iJoy-2580 Robotic Massage Chair.

IJoy massage chairs use patented Human Touch technology. This means you get the same high efficiency and advanced massage system of high end Human Touch massage chairs. Each iJoy chair comes with three auto-programs that expertly combine the rolling, kneading, percussion and compression massage movements to rejuvenate the body, relieve sore joints and stretch knotted muscles. Regular use of the iJoy massage chair results in improved physical fitness and wellness. Highly recommended for pain relief and physiotherapy benefits, the iJoy feels like a session with the chiropractor, only without the accompanying treatment costs.

IJoy massage chairs give varying adjustment levels. Simply pull the recline handle to recline the chair by one level. Repeat until you get the most comfortable position. The shoulder rests are fully adjustable and come with a minimum of three adjustment levels. Your iJoy massage chair can be activated to provide a full back massage, a lower back massage or a neck and shoulder massage. Using an orbital massage technique, the chair simulates human hand massage movement to deliver powerful massages that increase blood circulation, stimulate the lymph system, relax and soften injured muscles, activate the release of endorphins to ease soreness and relieve stress. Regular use of your iJoy massage chair will help you sleep better, alleviate joint pain and minimize recovery pain in case of injury during exercise.

IJoy is an affordable brand of massage chairs from Human Touch that you can buy in Canada. The chairs are built using acclaimed Human Touch massage chair technology and deliver complete relaxation and pain relief through their powerful massage systems.