Inada Massage Chair

Massage chairs may be affordable but they are not cheap. When putting forth the money required to acquire one, it is quite in order to want the best quality that your money can buy. Often, quality is tied to brand and nowhere is this truer than in massage chairs. Buying a massage chair from an unknown manufacturer is a risk that can be costly. What happens when the chair malfunctions before you’ve had it for a month? Investing in a reputable company like Inada is the wise thing to do. Not only does Inada provide the world’s best massage chairs, its reliability and impressive performance record over the decades gives you the confidence you need when buying a product. Different models of Inada massage chairs are sold in Canada. If you find one that matches your lifestyle, you’ll have hit gold. Fortunately, this is easy to do.

Inada massage chairAll Inada massage chairs are based on a central technology. Massage techniques may differ slightly between the models but all Inada chairs have the same strong construction, flexibility and powerful massage systems. The most conspicuous difference between any two Inada massage chairs is probably the design and size. This is what might ultimately push you towards a particular Inada massage chair and not another. That said, what then can you expect from Inada?

The first thing you get is high performance and efficiency. Inada massage chairs are made in a compact design that allows for a hybrid massage action to be carried out across the body. In this system, the massage rollers move from the shoulders to the lower back. An air massage function is simultaneously activated to massage the buttocks and legs, a stream of air that also passes from the shoulders to the fingertips, in this way covering the entire body. Inada massage chairs also have a full body air massage function which moves across all body parts, from the feet and calves to the buttocks, arms and shoulders. Optical sensors help in locating pressure points so that you enjoy a massage that is tailored for your body size and shape.

The second thing that stands out in Inada massage chairs is the advanced technology used in making the chairs. Some notable technologies included in Inada chairs are heaters for warming the toes and fingertips during the massage, availability of preset sessions as well as a manual session option, 3D mechanical arm to enhance the intensity of massage movements, both button and remote control functions and display LED panels. Cozy padding is added to the seat and back rests to ensure comfort during the sessions. Only superior quality, heat resistant faux leather is used in these parts to add to the chair’s comfort.

An Inada massage chair gives highly effective massages, delivered through groundbreaking robotic massage technology. Check out the various Inada massage chairs available in Canada to find a model that delivers your desired level of relaxation without blowing your budget.