Infinity Massage Chair

The Infinity massage chair is an incredibly advanced product that delivers a timeless blend of technology and relaxation. Immerse yourself in two positions of zero gravity and indulge your body in the powerful therapeutic techniques of the chair, complete with foot rollers for reflexology, a seat swivel for spinal alignment and inversion stretch for spinal decompression.The chair truly delivers one of the most advanced technologies available today. One of the greatest chairs in the market,the infinity IT-8500 is designed to offer state of the art features and techniques that set it apart from the rest.

Infinity massage chairInfinity massage chairs offer the ultimate customizable and targeted massage, equipped with music, lumbar heat,body scan sensors, state of the art foot rollers, spinal correction and depression. Feel and experience the difference in this advanced massage today in Canada. This chair is designed to reflect the principles of zero gravity. Using the concept of zero gravity allows the chair to mimic an unadulterated weightless experience. Zero gravity will allow your body to release all weight and tension into the chair,inducing a sense of weightlessness that relieves stress, tension and muscle discomfort.

The chair provides a timeless blend of aesthetics, technology and relaxation by maintaining the “S” shape of the spine from the neck through the lumbar region, eliminating pain between your intervertabral discs. The steady and rhythmic massage soothes fatigued muscles, releases tension and restores a healthy state of wellness. Your legs will remain higher than your body to improve both circulation and blood flow. Powerful airbags located at the headrest, lower waist, posterior, shoulders, arms, waist, legs and the soles of the feet work to both compress and decompress your muscles, relieve pressure and tension on the joints and alleviate stiffness.

Gentle heat, soothing sound, adjustable speed, two levels of zero gravity and an audio MP3 interface combine to become the ultimate indulgence. Sophisticated design and look along with the deeper massage places this massage chair at the top of the hierarchy. You will definitely be thrilled by this luxurious infinity massage chair.

The steady rhythmic massage of the Infinity massage chair soothes fatigued muscles, releases tension and steadies a normal heart rate by assisting in the transmission of oxygen-rich blood throughout your entire body. The zero gravity experience of infinity massage chair promotes overall well-being, reducing your heart rate, soothing stress and calming both the body and mind for one of a kind relaxation experience.

The skill and beauty of the massage chair is threefold. First,the massage chairautomatically detects the position of your body on the chair, giving it the unique ability to target specific areas in the body. Furthermore has a highly tuned optical sensor that allows it to pinpoint areas of your body to apply precise and comfortable specific areas of the body. Finally the sensors target individual accupoints along the spine, neck and shoulders to deliver the most accurate, soothing and precise massage possible.

The combination of soothing massage therapy and audio ambiance of an Infinity massage chair provides a truly one-of-a-kind therapeutic experience. Plug-in your favourite head phones, and, with the rest of the real world noise eliminated enjoy “your world of relaxation”.