Inner Balance Massage Chair

The choice to buy a massage chair is a major one. The financial  implication of this decision does not allow you to reach for anything short of the best. If you are at this crossroads and don’t know which brand to go for, Inner Balance is one of the best massage chair brands that you can consider. One of the largest massage chair manufacturers in the US and the world’s 3rd largest wellness products manufacturer, Inner Balance provides real fitness and health solutions for even the busiest of people. Find the best selling Inner Balance massage chairs in Canada and enjoy choosing from more than half a dozen designs and models, all featuring the latest technologies and features in robotics.

The brand uses premium quality materials to make all its products. As a result, each massage chair meets high quality standards and is sure to last a good number of years without any sign of wear. Leather and faux leather is used on the upholstery for maximum comfort and support while using the massage chair. High grade foam is used to make the cushioning of the chair, ensuring comfort for the back, buttocks, head and arms. The chair’s frame and hardware are made from metal, plastic and stainless steel, hardy materials that are guaranteed to last a long time. Inner Balance offers a number of preset massage programs for each chair. The most popular of these are Sport, Comfort and Recovery. You also have the privilege of  creating your own programs and saving them on the chair’s memory for use whenever you need them.

At the very least, the average Inner Balance massage chair utilizes 5 different massage techniques: the popular shiatsu, kneading, tapping, vibration and dual action technique featuring tapping and kneading techniques. Choose the auto mode to activate your selected massage program from either the preset programs or the custom ones you’ve saved in the chair. Auto scan technology is used to analyze your body profile and reset the rollers accordingly. Once in motion, the massage rollers move from the crevice of the neck to the shoulders and down the spine and back, kneading the body to release tension and provide relief from fatigue. The four way massage rollers operate in a range of intensities to provide the needed effect. Vibration, air compression and stretching techniques are effectively used in areas where the rollers may not be able to reach, most notably in the arms and hands, calves and feet, and buttocks. Alternatively, use the manual mode to focus the massage on a specific spot in the body where you need the massage most.

Inner Balance massage chairs are built to top standards of quality. They use highly advanced technologies to deliver a customized massage experience that is rejuvenating, relaxing and healing. The brand’s top massage chair designs are readily available in Canada, and come in both reclining massage chair design and full zero gravity massage chair design. Personalize each massage session using the control settings, which allow you to change the massage intensity, speed and technique.