Kahuna Massage Chair

Have you been meaning to buy a massage chair for enhanced wellness and overall health? Well, Kahuna exists just for you. One of the most successful massage chair companies in the USA, Kahuna is now widely available in Canada, with the brand’s massage chairs ready for shipment to every corner of the country. Kahuna massage chairs are made to the highest quality standards. They are a registered FDA medical device and one of the very few massage chairs to incorporate a yoga function.

Kahuna massage chairThe Kahuna massage chair comes with two zero gravity levels, one steeper than the other. You choose the level at which you feel most comfortable. Both levels are seamlessly coordinated to give a smooth transition when one is moving from one level to the other. This same precision is used across all other recline angles which are supported in the chair. The newest Kahuna massage chair models use the L-track massage system, a more effective massage track than the widely used S-track massage. The L-track is a trail in which the rollers move from the neck, down the back to the buttocks, covering the entire body in a swoop that doesn’t leave out any part.

To complement the roller massage system, Kahuna includes air massage which works to provide spot specific massage as required. Because of the advanced technology behind the Kahuna air system, a minimal number of airbags is used to massage a wide area of the body. The airbags inflate individually, causing the part of the body under which air bag is inflating to deep stretch as the inflation occurs. These airbags are optimized for the shoulders, thighs and hips. Activate the yoga function to enjoy a whole body stretch. The function complements the zero gravity position. The chair utilizes computer body scan technology to determine the size and shape of your body so you can enjoy a customized massage.

Kahuna uses quality steel to make the massage chair frame, complementing it with synthetic leather on the upholstered parts of the chair. The sturdy nature of these materials makes the chair durable and gives it a lengthy life span. In addition to this premium quality, the company gives a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty on all their chairs, with on-site repair service. You get full coverage on all parts and labor in the first year, coverage for parts only in the second year, and coverage on the structural framework in the third year. Many customers use their Kahuna massage chairs without ever utilizing the warranty service, owing to the scrupulous design and construction employed in making the chairs.

Kahuna is a leading massage brand in the USA and Canada. Place an order for any of their massage chairs and have it delivered wherever you are in the country. The Kahuna massage chair has over the years proven that it is possible to attain perfection in robotics by designing chairs that often exceed the human massage experience. Compare the different Kahuna models to find a massage chair that fits in perfectly with your lifestyle and needs.