Luraco Massage Chair

Luraco is the top US massage chair brand and one of the most trusted names in the robotics industry. Luraco products are widely availed in Canada and can be shipped to any part of the country. The name Luraco is synonymous with quality, something the brand takes very seriously. Each of their massage chairs is carefully designed and tested before being laid out for purchase. The company’s chairs are UL and FDA certified, meaning they’ve attained the highest approval rates in product safety and regulations. When you choose Luraco therefore, you can be sure that you are getting the finest massage chair in the market.

The most conspicuous thing about any Luraco massage chair is its sleek appearance. These chairs feature modern designs, with only the best materials used to make them. Top-of-the-line aesthetics don’t place a compromise on the workings of the chair though, as Luraco’s exceptional engineering magic is lavishly applied on each chair. Smooth robotics, polished massage mechanisms and the latest massage technologies give each Luraco massage chair an edge over the competition. The full body massage function of the chair is powered by superior neck, lower back and shoulder massage techniques. These are complemented by a 3-layered foot massager to provide relief to stiff leg and feet muscles. An advanced bottom foot massage with double rollers option is also available in some models. A full body heat function, available in some models, ensures a comprehensive whole body massage. The heat function has 5 levels of intensity which can take you from a thorough invigorating massage to soft and gentle soothing massage at the touch of a button. You can also customize the massage to any specific body part.

Luraco gives multiple levels of adjustment in each chair. Height adjustments support up to 6’7″ in body height, a range that easily includes everyone. On average, a Luraco massage chair supports up to 300 pounds in body weight, which again covers a wide spectrum of body sizes; anyone in the family can use the chair comfortably. Choose from a variety of recline angles offering a comfortable reclining position each. Use the controls to adjust the recline accordingly, doing down to enjoy a deeper recline or lifting the chair slightly for a milder recline. Luraco uses intelligent sensor technology to detect neck position and body shape, as well as pinpoint the pressure points in the body. This happens within the first few seconds when you sit on the chair and triggers a chain of readjustments as the massage rollers are fine tuned for your body size and shape. Choose from the available preset massage programs or customize the massage with your preferred techniques and movements from the ones supported by/available with the chair. Save your programs on the chair’s memory ready for the next use.

Luraco uses the latest massage technology to make next generation massage chairs. Each chair is designed as a professional massage therapist substitute and is fine-tuned to provide the ultimate relaxation. The complete range of massage chairs from Luraco is available in Canada at good prices.