Ogawa DeLight Massage Chair

A home massage chair gives you the freedom to enjoy your massages on your terms. Moreover, you get a limitless number of massage combinations that you can experiment with each time you get a massage to experience different sensations. With the Ogawa DeLight Massage Chair, you have a trusted partner in optimal wellness. Built with Ogawa’s latest technology, the DeLight is among the most advanced massage chairs in the market. The chair uses a set of smart 3D rollers to deliver strong massage strokes across the entire length of your back. These rollers are wider than the typical massage rollers used in the average massage chair and accurately reach acupuncture points. The rollers work to sooth tired and sore muscles for instant pain relief.

Smart DelightOgawa has incorporated S-Track technology in this chair, a pattern that follows the natural curve of the spine, allowing the rollers to glide across the spine in conformity to the shape of your back and in so doing ensure that you get a precise massage. To offer a wholesome experience, the chair’s roller mechanism is complemented by heat therapy. When the heat function is turned on, the heat is distributed throughout your body or in specific target areas, inducing perspiration and aiding in detoxification. In addition, the heat therapy expands cells in the tissue in contact with the heat to boost circulation and promote healing where there is injury.

Because the Ogawa DeLight is a zero gravity massage chair, you have the option to enjoy your massage in the most relaxing position supported by a massage chair: the zero gravity position. This NASA-invented position has come to be accepted as the ultimate measure of comfort in massage chairs and works by elevating your legs above the heart. When you lie stretched out in this way, the body feels weightless and pressure is taken off the spine. The heart uses less force to pump blood and circulation across the body is more efficient. This is also the position that offers the greatest relaxation and leaves your muscles and senses calmed.

The Ogawa DeLight capitalizes on the power of stretches to give you powerful treatments that not only leave your body feeling revitalized; they also increase muscle flexibility. For this to happen, the chair uses an advanced zigzag massage technique. This technique stretches the body, from the neck to the waist, in a zigzag motion which provides instant relief from aches and pain. Stretching rids the entire body of stress and brings the mind and body to a relaxed state.

There are three main massage modes in the DeLight: Spinal Care, Stress Care and Joint Care. Spinal Care is formulated after osteopathy and relies on the rollers to realign the spine using simulated thumb-presses while the body is held in position by shoulder and arm air bags. Stress Care aims to eliminate stress and relax by body and this is does by concentrating massage movements on the neck and shoulders. It also uses heat therapy on the back and thighs. Joint Care is activated when you’re in the zero gravity position. It works by massaging and stretching the legs, effectively providing relief from joint aches, soothing stiff muscles and promoting flexibility.