Ogawa Nex Evol Massage Chair

As one of the top massage chair manufacturers in the world, Ogawa is a name that commonly comes up when buyers are discussing which chairs to opt for from the dozens of brands on sale. Ogawa uses tested Japanese technology to make its chairs stand out, a fact that has elevated the company to the top ranks of premier massage chair brands. The Nex Evol massage chair is among Ogawa’s bestselling chairs. The name itself is derived from the next generation level of technology, an indicator of just how advanced the systems and mechanisms used in the chair are. According to the manufacturer, Evol is love written backwards and Ogawa is emphatic that this is the chair that communicates to your family and loved ones how much they mean to you. Gifting your loved ones this chair is the ultimate demonstration of love in action.

Ogawa Nex EvolThe chair itself is a comfy little work of magnificence. Its plush upholstery makes for extremely comfortable seating and is just what you need after a draining day at work. Unlike the typical recline motion of most massage chairs, the Ogawa Nex Evol slides forward to enable you lean back against the chair for a more relaxing massage. Using advanced body scanning technology, Nex Evol scans the body to determine the location of acupuncture points before commencing the massage. It then adjusts its rollers to suit your body type and height. Nex Evol uses heated rollers in place of non-heated massage rollers. The rollers are used to distribute heat therapy throughout the body, with special emphasis on the back, shoulders, buttocks and neck area. Complementary foot warmers in a mechanism aptly named Thermo Care Technology work with the rollers to keep the feet warm and comfortable throughout. The rollers maintain a human body-friendly temperature of 37 degrees Celsius and this ensures that the rollers don’t get too hot for your comfort.

Sensory Perceptive Technology is an intelligent system incorporated to help the chair identify sensitive parts like pressure points which require extra attention. The rollers massage these areas with greater intensity to provide relief from pain, swelling and knots. While the Nex Evol is a full body massage chair, it concentrates on three body parts – the neck and shoulders, back and waist – which also tend to be the problem areas in most cases. The chair uses nine grids to achieve this, with a range of massage movements targeting the upper back, mid back, entire back region, mid and lower waist, entire waist region, and the neck region. Choose from three power settings: gentle, moderate and intensive. Each setting delivers a specific massage intensity range. You can also customize the massage using the different massage techniques offered in the chair. Use these to create a personalized massage program.

The only way to discover new ways of enjoying your massages is by experimenting with different combinations of massage techniques. When you only have a few minutes to spare for a massage, the Ogawa Nex Evol auto massage programs will offer immediate relaxation and rejuvenation.