Ogawa Refresh Massage Chair

The push to get a massage chair, for most people, comes out of a desire to experience a better way of life, better in the sense that their wellbeing improves and they have enhanced wellness. Because buying a massage chair is a big financial commitment, you want to make sure the chair you eventually settle for is up to the task and will reward you in its own special way over the years. This means choosing a brand that is well known and reputable for putting out quality product. It should also stand firmly behind its products and the best way to do this is with a solid manufacturer’s warranty. Ogawa meets all these standards and is one of the top massage chair companies across the globe. You’ll be safe buying any of their chairs as they are made using proven Japanese technology. Among the popular Ogawa models, the Refresh, a good choice of massage chair for anyone looking for a reliable, mid-price massager.

Ogawa RefreshOgawa Refresh comes bundled with multiple technologies to make the massage experience smooth, fulfilling and enjoyable. The primary technology used to make Refresh massages effective is the Smart Curve S-Track. This technology is designed to follow the natural S-curve of the spine and, using 31″ rollers, manages to massage the entire length of the back from the neck to the tail bone. Complementing the S-track advanced technology are the Body Scan and Quad Style Roller technologies. The body scan technology quickly maps out the body to identify the location of the neck and waist, and determine your body size and type. It then reconfigures the rollers to deliver a massage that is customized for your body. The quad style roller technology enables the rollers to mimic the movement of human hands and give a massage that is near-similar to a masseur’s touch. Together, the three technologies work simultaneously to reach all muscle groups in the back and boost relaxation and flexibility.

For a more intense experience, the Ogawa Refresh Massage Chair has a two-point zero gravity function. The zero gravity recline elevates your knees above your heart so that your body is stretched out and the pressure taken off the spine. The two zero gravity positions allow you to switch angles for greater comfort. Heat and vibration therapy for the lumbar area are included to facilitate a thorough massage. The heat is dispersed through two heated pads that are strategically placed in the lumbar/seat region of the chair. Combining the heat and vibration sensations makes for a therapeutic experience and will leave your back free of aches and pain.

There are four auto massage programs to choose from. These are very handy when you want to enjoy an instant massage without fiddling with the settings and customizing the session. The manual setting allows you to personalize each massage session and pick the massage techniques and movements you’d like to enjoy. Ogawa Refresh supports six massage techniques, namely Shiatsu, Swedish, kneading, rolling, clapping and tapping. These can be combined in any number of ways for a new experience each time.