Ogawa Smart Edge Massage Chair

A massage chair literally brings the massage experience closer home. It gives you the freedom to use it anywhere in your house and best of all, puts you in charge of when you get your massage and how frequently. This convenience and reliability over the long term are what make owning a home massage chair a big plus for many people. But any massage chair just won’t do. The chair you pick needs to be solidly constructed to guarantee long service. This can only happen if the chair is made by a reputable brand. You might feel lost at sea when presented with the dozens of massage chair brands on sale in the market. However, a little research into their backgrounds will enlighten you on the strengths of each, and you’ll be able to determine which brands are superior. One of the best buys you can go for is Ogawa. Among their list of top massage chairs is the Ogawa Smart Edge, a full body massage chair that is affordable and easy to use.

Ogawa Smart EdgeThe Ogawa Smart Edge uses Long Seamless L-Track Technology to follow the natural curve of the body. The roller strokes move from the neck to the upper leg, ensuring that the entire back receives the massage. Use the control settings to adjust the width and length of strokes as appropriate. You may also adjust the intensity of the massage to one that is milder or more intense depending on the outcome you’d like to receive. The Smart Edge is one of the massage chairs with high adjustability. In addition to allowing you to adjust the massage speed and intensity, the chair also supports shoulder adjustment. You get three shoulder fit settings as well as upper and lower back adjustments to suit different body sizes. Use these to adjust the height of the chair to match your build.

By combining a range of massage movements such as kneading, rolling and tapping, Ogawa Smart Edges imitates recognized massage techniques that have been historically used to offer therapeutic relief in health and wellness circles. Using these techniques, the chair’s rollers concentrate on the neck, shoulders, back and hips, their target being knots in muscles, aching joints and swollen tissue. You can further customize the massage to focus on a specific spot where you need the attention most. The Smart Edge hip massage is specifically helpful for users who spend lots of time sitting, such as office workers. Those leading a sedentary lifestyle also stand to benefit from this massage action as it targets sore tissue and soothes tired muscles.

The Ogawa Smart Edge is built to take up far less space than the average massage chair. This somewhat compact design means you can place the chair only 12cm away from the wall and it will recline to an angle that feels comfortable for you. Well-padded arm rests keep your hands and are supported throughout your session. There are cozy pockets on each side that will conveniently hold the remote control and your cell phone.