Ogawa Smart Sento Massage Chair

The massage chair has come a long way, from simple contraptions that relied on a single motor to deliver vibrating sensations to the current high-tech equipment which delivers multiple massage techniques. Likewise, these chairs have evolved from highly-priced gizmos almost exclusively found in health spas to everyday wellness items that can be comfortably purchased for home use. Among companies that have played a major role in making massage chairs mainstream is Ogawa, one of the top massage chair brands in Asia, whose products are available worldwide and are generally well received. Ogawa technology is constantly updated to reflect the changing trends in the fight for wellness. Each of their chairs is thoroughly tested under different environments to ascertain its suitability for use by people with diverse health situations.

Ogawa Smart SentoOne of the massage chairs that will give you value for your money is the Ogawa Smart Sento. A full body zero gravity massage chair, the Smart Sento is one of the few chairs that uses 4D rollers. The rollers are set up in twin sets with integrated quad heads and work by mimicking human hand movement. 4D technology in massage chair rollers is an advanced version of the 3D technology and gives a more precise reach. The rollers in this chair specifically stimulate acupuncture points to give therapeutic relief from stress, tension and aches. The 4D rollers are supported on the Triple S-Track Technology, a longer S-shaped track which covers the distance between the beginning of the neck and the tailbone. The advanced track covers a wider circumference and precisely reaches the hard-to-reach points at the back.

The roller technology is supplemented by heat mechanism, which provides pain relief and promotes healing in injured tissue. The heat mechanism in the Ogawa Sento uses heated airbags to expand cells in the target areas and boost circulation. The airbags are located on the back, thigh and calf regions.

Ogawa Sento comes with multiple automatic massage programs targeting the entire body. You can switch the programs for greater effect instead of receiving one pre-set program for 30 minutes. There is also the option to setting up your massage session manually, an alternative that allows you to experiment with different massage movements. Combine various techniques to discover new sensations each time you sit down for a massage.

Take advantage of the zero gravity recline to achieve optimal relaxation during your massage. The zero gravity function raises you knees above the level of the heart so that the body feels light and no pressure is exerted on the spine and back. This is the position you lie in when you want to enjoy the ultimate relaxing effect of a soothing massage. The Ogawa Sento can also be reclined to a flatbed position (Ogawa officially calls it the Sleeping Flatbed) when you want to lie back fully. Restore the chair back to the upright position at any tie. You can still enjoy your massage with the chair in the upright position if this is what you prefer.