Ogawa Touch 3D

Buying a massage chair is a dream waiting to materialize for many people. Still, making such a big purchase requires some research and a deliberate interest in learning about the best massage chairs, what makes them stand out and the make or break features to look for before committing to purchasing any chair. The last thing you need is for buyers’ remorse to set in when you use the chair for the first time because you suddenly realize it cannot do a few other things you thought it would. Coming up with a list of desirable features in your ideal massage chair is a sure way to ensure this never happens. It will also help you narrow down your search, eliminating a large number of chairs that do not meet your requirements. It might sound like a lot of work but when you eventually get your chair, the effort will be worth all the energy expended in your search. Don’t forget that this is a chair that you’ll use for more than a decade. So, why not get the best version?

Ogawa Touch 3DA rule of thumb to guide you in your search is this: Only buy renowned brands. Never compromise and settle for a no-brand massage chair. You’ll have nowhere to turn should the chair develop problems. And the probability of this happening is higher than your chances of success in tracing the chair’s manufacturer. Ogawa is one of the more established brands in the robotic chair industry and any massage chair from its staple is bound to be a quality product. That it is a Japanese brand only adds to its appeal. One of their top-selling models is the Ogawa Touch 3D massage chair. This full body massage chair uses Ultra 3D rollers on S-track technology to deliver thorough massages to your entire back region and other parts of the body.

The chair uses six massage techniques to do its job: Shiatsu, Swedish, kneading, rolling, tapping, clapping and dual action (combo) movements. These are programmed into the roller and air compression systems and work on different areas of the body depending on the massage program chosen. There are eight automatic massage programs that you can choose from. A manual massage option is also availed which allows you to customize the massage using your preferred massage movements and techniques. Also available is a Spot and Partial massage feature which operates on two levels. The first level activates the massage on a specific spot in the body while the second on still massages the spot but extends the reach of its strokes to the surrounding parts. Dual foot rollers are used to work on your feet and underfoot area for the comprehensive treatment of your feet. Heat therapy is used on the lumbar area to stimulate your back, eliminate pain and boost relaxation.

Ogawa’s Touch 3D massage chair offers two-level zero gravity recline for the ultimate relaxation. Bluetooth technology with built-in speakers is integrated in the chair so you can make music part of each massage.