Omega Massage Chair

Few companies come close to Omega when it comes to massage chair design and technology. One of the biggest names in the robotics industry, Omega consistently manufactures chairs that offer experiences that are as near-real-life as possible. Everything about the Omega massage chair is well-thought-out and thoroughly tested before being implemented. The result is a modern, highly technically advanced chair that meets and exceeds all expectations. Most top Omega massage chair models are sold in Canada and fall in different price ranges, depending on the kind of features they have and the massage mechanism used. Compare two or three models to find out which one would be a good match for your lifestyle.

To make the massage chair relevant to each user, Omega uses a highly accurate body scanning technology to map out the body as soon as one sits on the chair. Following this, the rollers are then adjusted to give a massage that is appropriate for your body profile. Omega employs four main massage techniques in all its chairs. These are kneading, tapping, rolling and combination, which is usually kneading and tapping combined. Choose from 5 or more automatic massage programs, which include Vitality, Relaxation, Activation, Night and Morning. Each of these programs concentrates on a particular massage technique, giving very specific therapeutic benefits.

Omega gives a minimum of 4 massage types with each chair. The number can be higher in some models, specifically the more expensive designs. However, regardless of the Omega massage chair you choose, you can be sure of enjoying a full body massage course, whole back course, thoracic course, lumbar course and cervical course. Each course focuses on the target area and gives a deep and intense massage. You can adjust the intensity using the control settings placed on the arm rests, alternating between soft and hard or settling for an intensity that is somewhere in between. Use the same function to change the speed of the rollers and adjust the duration of the massage. Many Omega massage chairs give you the option of setting your own programs in addition to what is already built-into the memory. With this option, you can personalize the massage to feature your preferred massage techniques, movements and types.

Multiple adjustments make using the Omega massage chair very easy and practical. Other than adjusting the height of the chair and the seat depth, you can also adjust the width covered by the massage rollers to massage a greater portion of your body at a time or a smaller one. The roller massage system is complemented by a heated function which is concentrated in the back, lower back and buttocks, as well as an air compression system that massages the arms, hands, buttocks, thighs, calves and feet. Together, they provide a thorough full body massage.

Having your own massage chair beats the frequent trips to the massage parlor hands down. With your own chair, the resolve to sit in for a therapeutic massage comes even more naturally, and as you spend more time in the massage chair, your energy levels and overall wellness begin to go up. Omega has just the chair you need for this; find it from among the different models available in Canada.