Panasonic Massage Chair

For more than forty years, Panasonic has remained steadfast in coming up with innovative massage technology. A renowned leader in technical products, health products and electronics, Panasonic puts a lot of effort in making exceptional products that add value to man. It is on these principles that Panasonic massage chairs are made. Most importantly, their products are relevant to modern lifestyles and are designed to complement today’s fast paced way of life. The brand has a wide range of total-comfort massage chairs for everyday and occasional use, available all across Canada.

Panasonic massage chairBehind the huge success of Panasonic massage chairs is outstanding technology. The company invests heavily in product research, design and development. As a result, their products are seamlessly constructed, remaining sturdy and polished even after years of use. Panasonic uses quality materials to make their chairs. The chair frames are constructed from treated aluminum or stainless steel, materials that are reliable and durable. Their massage chair upholstery is made from hard wearing leather, faux leather and polyester which is not only durable but also comfortable.

Panasonic massage chairs have multiple technologies intertwined to give the best massage experience. The body scan technology uses pressure point sensors to identify the various pressure points on your body. The massage rollers then go to work, giving you a fully customized massage experience with special emphasis on the pinpointed pressure points. For the actual massaging action, the chairs use wide massage tracks to cover large areas of the body at a time. This is combined with Float Mechanism, a technology that simulates the wrist movement of a massage therapist to give an experience that is as close to the human touch as possible. For foot and calf massage, Panasonic uses the special Lower Body Air Compression System, a dual-use air system in which the air bags inflate at varying speeds and pressure. The system combines rubbing, grasping and squeezing technologies to relieve muscle stiffness and tension. Some premium massage chairs from Panasonic have ceramic heaters which give an experience that is similar to a hot stone treatment.

When it comes to using their massage chairs, Panasonic puts you in control by placing a number of settings and control systems at your disposal. Each chair comes with multiple remote and user controlled options such as LCD control panel, speed control, and button controlled tilt and recline. Set the speed and rotation at which you would like the rollers and air bags to massage your body. You can reset these speeds and movements at any time. Multi level reclines and position adjustments for the seat, head rest, shoulder rest, arm rests and foot rests help you to set yourself in the most comfortable position in the chair.

Panasonic massage chairs are some of the finest in the market. In Canada, different designs and models of these chairs are sold at good prices. The money you give in exchange for a Panasonic massage chair earns you guaranteed relaxation, comfort and stress relief for years.