Sanyo Massage Chair

If you’re in the market to buy a massage chair, you can never go wrong with Sanyo. The Japanese company is one of the top makers of massage chairs in the world, its trailblazing technologies leaving many competing companies trudging slowly behind. Choosing a Sanyo massage chair means you don’t have to worry about the efficiency of the chair. This is a brand that has made its mark in the history of technological inventions. Their massage technology is upgraded every so often to reflect the advances made in the development of modern massage systems. Choose your preferred Sanyo massage chair from the diverse selection available in Canada. The chairs range in price from reasonably affordable to expensive. The unfailing service they give and longevity are, however, worth the cost.

Sanyo uses intensive, multiple massage movements to deliver a stimulating or relaxing effect. Each chair comes with a combination of techniques and preset massage sessions that you can use for specific massaging sensations. You can also set the massage session manually, selecting the different massage movements you want to feel during a session. To preserve your selected movements, the chair comes with a built-in memory that you can use to store your preferred massage settings. The number of settings you can store varies from one model to the other and may not be available in all models.

Sanyo uses an intelligent sensor system to identify pressure points in the body, helping to localize pressure as needed in the different parts. The physical shape sensor helps in adjusting the massage rollers to match your body shape and size so as to deliver the most suitable strokes and tracks. Advanced roller technology ensures that the rollers nice from the shoulders to the tailbone, just like a real life masseuse’s movements would be. Roller massage function is used in combination with air stimulating massage function. Under this function, up to 20 air bags are used to offer deep relief to the legs, calves and feet. A heat setting is included for those who would like to add this function to the massage.

The physical structure of Sanyo massage chairs is nothing short of exemplary. The chair frame is constructed from hardy metal, in most cases stainless steel or aluminum. A range of upholstery materials exist with different models, including faux leather, giving you the opportunity to choose the chair that comes in your preferred material. Portable Sanyo massage chairs are flexible and easy to carry around. They come with a carrying bag that may have wheels for easy carting around. Models that are very light in weight have wheel free carry bags, which is not a problem because the chairs are weightless and can be easily carried by hand.

Sanyo brings some of the worlds’ finest massage chairs to the market. The company uses advanced technology in all its massage chairs to deliver exceptional results. Shop for a Sanyo massage chair that suits our lifestyle from the variety available in Canada.