Superior Massage Chair

You’ve made the decision to acquire a massage chair. It’s one of those things you’ve coveted for a long time. You know having one will drastically boost your wellness. With your own massage chair, you reason, you may finally attain optimal wellness, which has always been your silent desire. But which brand to go for? Of course you want a brand that is strong. One with a proven track record and whose products are reliable and health and wellness driven. One brand that offers all this and more is Superior Massage Chairs. A fairly new entrant in the massage chair industry, Superior quickly became popular among robotics enthusiasts because of its unique approach and definite enthusiasm to deliver quality services. If you are looking for a chair that will leave you feeling thoroughly refreshed and reward you with instant relaxation anytime you use it, this is the company to go for. The US brand massage chairs can be found in Canada so buying one is going to be easy.

The Superior massage chair offers all the goodness of modern massage technology, with the added advantage of wide body coverage on every stroke. Currently, the brand has the longest stroke length at 31″, which is far beyond what any of the other massage chairs in the market offer. This means the Superior chair rollers are able to cover nearly the whole of your back in one sweep, providing immediate relief in not just a portion of your back but across the entire back. For people suffering from chronic back pain, this is very advantageous and is easily the simplest way to get instant relief from pain. To give great impact, Superior combines this with heated massage pads. These are located on the back rest and provide the warmth needed to loosen and relax back muscles. Using the heat function provides relief from pain, aches and soreness.

Using optic sensors and microprocessors, Superior employs a body scanning function to read your body profile and adjust the massage rollers to provide a massage that is personalized for your body. A 3D air massage system supplements the roller massage system, providing wave-like massage relief in different parts of the body. The system operates via individual airbags cartridges which are located all through the chair, and which compress and decompress independently. Superior massage chairs offer 9 different massage styles, namely kneading, tapping, rolling, pushing, compression, acupressure, tracking, knocking and Thai stretching. In addition to the full body massage mode, you can also run the full-function arm massage, ankle and foot compression massage, ankle and calf stretching massage, or the shoulder wrap pressure massage. These modes provide deep massages in the target areas, providing immediate tension relief and increasing flexibility.

Superior massage chairs are built to offer a comprehensive massage experience and luxurious comfort. Buy a Superior massage chair in Canada and enjoy the excellent service you get from the perfect workmanship. Moreover, the manufacturer gives a 5-year warranty on parts and labor, one of the longest warranty periods for massage chairs in the market.