Titan Massage Chair

Massage chairs have grown in popularity, owing to how convenient and user friendly they are. With a massage chair, you no longer have to book therapy sessions at the massage parlor. The chair provides the same relief you would get from a massage therapist. Titan is one of the major massage chair brands sold in Canada and a good choice for a first time massage chair buyer. The company has a number of massage chairs in the market whose prices range from low and affordable to mid-price affordable.

Titan massage chairOne of the outstanding features in Titan massage chairs is their space-saving design. All the chairs are designed to be used in all kinds of spaces, even in the most limiting ones. To save on space, the chair is designed to move forward then back when reclining in such a way that it occupies little space when reclined. The other major design feature that boosts the chair’s space saving properties is thin arms. You don’t need to make room for the arms when setting up the chair because the arms are really thin but comfortable enough to use. What the chair lacks in armrests it compensates for in the seat. The seat is large and deep, ensuring that anytime you plunge into the chair is comfort time.

Every Titan massage chair offers a wide range of massage settings, making it easy to customize the session to your body size, shape and needs. The chair utilizes a sensor to map out your body shape and size, after which the right set of rollers and track sizes is used to deliver an appropriate massage. You also have the chance to choose from six preset massage programs. Each of these programs are based on either tapping, Shiatsu, kneading, knocking, air massage, or kneading and tap combination. While setting the massage, you can choose a full body session, partial body massage or part-specific massage. The chair is programmed to offer any of these types of massage. Specific parts of the body that you can choose to massage are the arms, shoulders, neck, upper body, calves and feet.

To ensure flexibility, Titan uses a highly advanced technology to make its chairs’ reclining function. The result is a smooth reclining movement that does not disrupt the user’s trance-like concentration when the chair’s recline angle is changed. A zero gravity function is added to provide this topmost level of relaxation. Use the zero gravity incline to enjoy complete body rest and rejuvenation. The function can be used alongside the massage for maximum body relaxation. The diverse control settings allow you to personalize the massage down to a specific time length, intensity and movement, as well as body type.

Titan’s range of massage chairs is widely available in Canada. Each of these chairs is designed to give full body relaxation but can be programmed to deliver partial body massage or spot massage as you like. Choose Titan and get the perfect massage chair for your lifestyle without exceeding your budget.