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Reclining Massage Chair

Reclining Massage Chair

Cozzia offers you this Reclining Massage Chair that provides you a deep massage experience. It is controlled by a microcomputer that performs various intelligent massage methods and combinations such
Svago Lusso Massage Chair

Svago Lusso Massage Chair

Furnish your living room with elegant and useful Svago Lusso Massage Chair by Cozzia brand. It offers you a sound vibration massage experience. It features independently adjustable foot rest, extended
Svago Benessere Massage Chair

Svago Benessere Massage Chair

A massage chair offers you many benefits like it lowers anxiety, boosts immune system, decreases stress, improves health, etc. Cozzia is offering you Svago Benessere Massage Chair to help you enjoy a

Cozzia 16018 Full Body Massage Chair - Black

The Cozzia 16018 Massage Chair is designed to conform to the shape of your body during massage for a fully personalized experience. One of the best selling models from Cozzia, the 16018 is   highly

Cozzia 16020 Robotic Massage Chair - Brown

Get a revitalizing massage with the Cozzia 16020 Massage Chair. Built with your comfort in mind, the 16020 offers a range of recline angles, ensuring multiple comfort positions which make the chair an

Cozzia 16028 Zero Gravity Heated Massage Chair

The 16028 Cozzia Massage Chair is one of the most advanced massage chairs from Cozzia. The chair is designed to offer accurate massage on acupressure points, which is made possible by the effectual mi

Cozzia 16027 Zero Gravity Robotic Massage Chair - Black

The 16027 Cozzia Massage Chair gives pro level massage. Made using the latest technology from Cozzia, this massage chair has a polished recline function, controllable via the one-touch power button. T

Cozzia 16027 Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair - Brown

The ultra modern Cozzia 16027 is built for ultimate relaxation and  rejuvenation. Equipped with one-touch power recline function, the chair glides into position smoothly, helping you ease into positi

Cozzia 16020 Robotic Massage Chair - Black

The Cozzia 16020 Massage Chair is designed to give optimal relaxation and rejuvenation. Made using Cozzia’s world-class technology, this massage chair makes it easy for people of every body size
Svago ZG Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Svago ZG Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Order Svago ZG Zero Gravity Massage Chair by Cozzia and experience something difference. It is equipped with latest features that offer you a deep message. It features independently adjustable foot re
Ultimate Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Ultimate Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Ultimate Zero Gravity Massage Chair by Cozzia is offering you deep relaxation and a sound massage therapy anytime at your home.  It features auto-scan technology, zero gravity positioning, an S-shape

Cozzia 16018 Robotic Massage Chair - Brown

The Cozzia 16018 massage chair is the ultimate choice of relaxation. It was developed and designed to meet customers’ needs, which it does very well thanks to its incredibly unique features. Con

You should enjoy a massage once in a while especially if you feel drained by work. For many years, people have been going to professional masseurs but today everything has changed; we now have Cozzia zero gravity massage chairs for home use. These chairs are popular because of their practicality and subtle friendly features. For all your massage relaxation needs, Cozzia has the ideal solution. There are many zero gravity massage chairs under this brand and which offer unequaled, full body automatic massage, LCD display for the controller and different types of massages. Each zero gravity chair, whether it is the CZ-389, E6-618 or EC-629, is guaranteed to give you a thrilling massage every time you lounge in the chair. The benefits of regularly using these massage chairs include the ability to improve blood circulation, receiving accupoint concentrated massages plus of course the thrill of enjoying a next generation massage experience.

Cozzia is a well recognized brand across the world. It is a market leader in luxury chairs and everything that will make your life enjoyable if not thrilling, all in the comfort of your home. They also have simple zero gravity chairs which are designed with the NASA spaceship technology. These are basic in that you can use them as normal couches in your living room or patio but also use them to relax your body. Their base is made from parawood which makes them sturdy. Also used to make these chairs is cozy memory foam which makes for comfortable sitting. Among the zero gravity chairs you can buy from Cozzia are SV-400, SV-410 and MC-520 Cozzia Mobility Seating.