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Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair - Black

The Sogno DreamWave from Inada is a new generation massage chair  poised to offer extreem comfort and relaxation. The chair design was reached following years of research and technology development.

Inada DreamWave Dark Brown Massage Chair

Inada introduced the Dreamwave massage chair after extensive research on the best massage to relax the body. After one massage session in this luxurious massage chair, you will completely feel differe

Inada HCP-R100A Yu-Me Massage Chair

The Yu•Me massage chair from Inada is appropriate for “you and me” as the name suggests. The chair’s Shiatsu massage techniques and motions transform, relax and transport you to a

Inada HCP-S373 Flex 3s Massage Chair

The Flex 3s is an absolutely exotic massage chair from Inada. As the name suggests, the Flex 3s is tailored around the need to have greater flexibility and improved posture which are important keys to

When searching for solutions that will make your life exciting, relaxed and affordable, look no further than the Inada brand. In here, you have the best chance of finding the ultimate mechanical masseur that will effectively attend to your stress related needs every other day. Inada massage chairs have been built using the unique NASA zero gravity technology. The materials used to make the chairs together with the technology employed in making them are uncompromised. This makes it last for many years while still offering you flawless professional masseur sessions. The Inada brand boasts of having the widest surface range hence making sure that you enjoy the benefits of a massage on almost every other part of your body. All products by Inada are backed by a warranty and in some instances the warranty is extendable.

What makes the Inada brand stand out is not just the glorious history, it has built over the years, but the everyday practicality of its products combined with the innovative next generation technology. Zero gravity massage chairs from Inada embrace the traditional Shiatsu Japanese massage techniques and current health practical approaches to give you a thrilling massage. The chairs come with a futuristic infrared technology that helps to scan your body and determine where the airbags and rollers should be located or placed. The Inada brand also boasts of having various technological aspects of its products patented and some award winning features. Popular massage chair models from this brand are Yu-Me, Flex 3s and DreamWave.