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Kahuna Massage Chair LM-7000 - Black

The LM-7000 is premium chair which can give you the new massage experience with zero gravity position and heat therapy. You can easily customize its performances and movements with the special designe

Kahuna Massage Chair LM-7000 - Ivory/Black

The LM-7000 is premium chair which can give you amazing massage experience with zero gravity position and heat therapy. You can easily customize its performances and movements with the special designe

Kahuna Spirit Massage Chair - Black/Beige/Brown

Many people love the thrill and the amazing results of a massage. One of the best premium massage chair in the market today is the Spirit by Kahuna. Its new SL-track has an ergonomically shaped track

Kahuna LM-7800 Massage Chair

A stressful day, after going back to home, enjoy your new Kahuna massage chair. It makes you feel better. The unique combination of kneading and tapping massage relieves stress and gives relaxation. T

Kahuna SM-9000 Massage Chair

New advanced and luxurious Kahuna SM-9000 massage chair with Signature Air Float 3D+ massage technology, SL-Track and exclusive 6 infrared heating rollers mechanism designed to massage from neck, butt

Kahuna HM078 HUBOT Massage Chair

Owning a premium massage chair that will ease all the body and life stresses while not burning up your bank account should be a priority. The new Kahuna HM078 HUBOT Massage Chair is such that chair wi

Kahuna SM-7300 Masage Chair

There is a definite advantage that comes with owning a premium massage chair. You will reap a lot more benefits when you pick the SM-7300 by Kahuna. It effectively massages by following the curvature

Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair

The Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 with heating therapy is among the best registered medical devices. It helps give your body full relaxation with its 2-level zero gravity

Kahuna is a respected company that offers massage chairs with unequaled benefits and experience. It is a brand that fully embraces the ingenious lomi lomi ancient body massage techniques. The brand also borrows from Tai Chi and Hula movements which make the massage chairs holistic and elegant. With everyday life becoming more and more stressful, you need a sure way to revitalize and reinvigorate your body. Kahuna zero gravity massage chairs offer the perfect solution. The chairs are designed using the NASA spacecraft reclining technology. They recline fully to enable you enjoy the benefits of having no gravitational pull on any part of your body. Kahuna has also gone ahead to enhance customer' experience by incorporating more languages in its control panel.

Some of the massage chairs that Kahuna makes include LM-8800-S, LM-7800, LM-7000 and Hani-2200. Available color choices include like red, brown, black, ivory and lilac. When you sit in any Kahuna massage chair, a computer body scanner will go to work and map out your whole body. This helps in placing the airbags and rollers at the right positions depending on your size and shape. The chairs come with an easy to use remote control which is easily accessed even when you are at a completely reclined position. Kahuna also has lift-chairs which offer three positions – standing, seated and reclining. These chairs come with basic massage functions which add to their popularity. While they are quite basic in design, Kahuna massage chairs present you with subtle cool massage benefits.