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Osaki OS-1000 Deluxe Massage Chair - Black

It is pure thrill to enjoy a massage in your living room. While massage has been a luxury enjoyed by few for many years, today, you can enjoy a massage without so much as leaving your home. Your new m

Osaki OS-3000 Chiro Charcoal Massage Chair

Owning a massage chair that will ease all the body and life stresses while not burning up your bank account should be a priority. The 3000 Chiro zero gravity massage chair is unique because it recline
Osaki OS-3000

Osaki OS-3000 Chiro Massage Chair - Black

After a long day at work, you will probably be yearning to sit down and relax. An exceptional tool to lessen your daily stresses and relax your muscles is the Osaki 3000 OS Chiro massage chair. This c

Osaki OS-3000 Premium Massage Chair - Cream

Knowing that you can enjoy a professional massage any time you want is one of the few things that most people dream of. Yet you can enjoy a complete massage right at your living room or terrace. Inves

Osaki OS-3000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair - Brown

Lack of a professional masseur in your city is no reason not to enjoy a good massage today. All you have to do is invest in the new Osaki OS 3000 Chiro zero gravity massage chair. With the inclusion o

Osaki OS-3D Cyber Elite Massage Chair

When going to buy a massage chair, you want to get one that will make your life a complete thrill without leaving you in a financial ruin. The Osaki OS-3D Pro-Cyberi massage chair is one of a kind bec

Osaki OS-3D Cyber Elite Massage Chair - Black

In an effort to make your life thrilling, relaxed and full of joy, you will need to invest in one unique ensemble called a zero gravity massage chair. The Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber zero gravity massage ch

Osaki OS-3D Cyber Elite Massage Chair - Red

The Osaki OS-3D Pro-Cyber massage chair has been designed using next generation technology. The chair comes with a sophisticated 3D massage technology which not only makes it worth every dollar but al

Osaki OS-3D Pro Zero Gravity Massage Chair - Multi Colours

Globalization has transformed life on earth into a first lane race affair. People are finding themselves cornered to work for long hours and with no spare time or resources with which they can use to

Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity Massage Chair - Brown

Owning the Osaki OS 4000 zero gravity massage chair frees you from having to frequently visit a massage parlor. This chair becomes your private masseur and the results it offers after every other sess

Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity Massage Chair - Cream

Once in a while as many people can attest, it’s important that you go for a whole body massage. Unlike earlier years when you had to visit a parlor to enjoy a massage, today all you have to do is bu

Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair - Black

Luxury can be defined as the ability to satiate the desires of the heart and body. True to this word, the Osaki OS 4000 zero gravity massage chair offers your luxury, thrill and numerous health benefi

Osaki OS-7200CR Massage Chair - Cream

In the melee of modern lifestyle that we often indulge in, there is definite peace and joy to be derived from relaxing in a massage chair. The Osaki OS 7200 zero gravity massage chair is unlike many t

For many years now, people have been enjoying masseur services. For some people, these massage services are unavailable or just too expensive. Osaki is a company that has established itself as a leading manufacturer of zero gravity massage chairs. The company knows that people need to enjoy massages at the convenience of their homes. The massage chairs that this company manufactures are built using NASA's reclining spaceship seat technology. The chairs offer an enthralling zero gravity experience which fully relaxes your pelvic discs and lower back. One of the standard features in Osaki massage chairs is the computer body scan. There is also the leg scan feature. These two attributes of the chair ensure that every person who sits in it enjoys a personalized massage.

Osaki also has handheld massagers which are very easy to use. The massagers come with powerful oscillating movements which enable you to massage parts of the body that the contemporary massage chair won’t reach. The handheld massagers can come with an infrared warm feature. Among the items to consider in this category include the Osaki OS-109W, Osaki OS-106A and Osaki OS-104A. Still, the whole body zero gravity massage chairs offer exceptional features which will melt your body tension and mind stresses. Some of the features that make Osaki chairs stand out from the crowd include the arm massage, outer shoulder massage and hip massage feature. The chairs come with MP3/ iPod ports and inbuilt speakers. Osaki gives a manufacturer's warranty with each of their massage chairs and zero favors massage chairs.