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Panasonic EP-MA70KX Black Massage Chair

The EP-MA70KX massage chair uses realistic massage therapist techniques combined with the healing and relaxing effect of heated massage heads. Soft kneading massage technique is used on the hands and

Panasonic EP-MA70k REAL PRO Massage Chair

The Panasonic EP-MA70 is the first thermal massage chair to use ceramic heaters. These are integrated into the chair’s 3D massage rollers to replicate the hot stone treatment one gets from a rea

Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair

Let the multi-directional rollers of the relaxing Panasonic EP-MA73KU give you a full body massage. The internal sensors in this full body massage chair map your body to guide the system’s massa

Panasonic EP30007KX Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair

Using pressure sensor technology, the EP30007KX creates a virtual map of your back, a step devised to ensure the massage you receive is contoured to your height and your spine curve. The airbags in th

Panasonic EP1285KL Massage Chair

The EP 1285 KL is one of the modern massage chairs from Panasonic, the leaders in massage replication technology for over 35 years. The chair is designed to help you achieve therapeutic muscle relaxat

Panasonic is one of the largest conglomerates in the world. It has deep roots in most of the home-based electronics subsectors. The company is solely dedicated to its slogan of 'a better life, a better world'. One of the areas that this brand is quite prominent in is the personal wellness sector. An obvious product in this sector is the zero gravity massage chair. The chair has been designed and made using the latest NASA spacecraft seat technology. It conveniently offers luxurious reclined seated positions where gravity has no effect on your body. This massage chair is uniquely designed because the manufacturer has incorporated 3D massage technology. Also featured in this next generation chair are multi-directional rollers which ensure your body enjoys both deep tissue and upper layer massages.

The Panasonic zero gravity massage chair includes the amazing computer body scan which gives the rollers the profound capability of reaching all your body’s accupoints. With this feature, your body, irrespective of your size and age, is destined to enjoy a thrilling deep relaxing massage. Among the zero gravity massage chairs to sample from Panasonic include Real Pro Ultra™ 3D Massage Chair EP-MA73KU, EP-30007KX Black and Chinese Spinal Technique Massage Chair EP-MA10KU Black. Even without the zero gravity function, Panasonic massage chairs give complete relaxation and are all you need to relax after a long day at work or running errands. The chairs are fully customizable and can be adjusted to provide a personalized massage session each time you use them. All products from Panasonic are backed by a warranty on labor and materials.