Massage chairs are among the most life changing, modern day inventions available to man. These chairs bring the massage experience closer home, allowing you to enjoy a personalized massage whenever you need it. Shopping for a massage chair can be overwhelming for a first time buyer. The various types, designs and chair sizes can all seem intimidating. And unless you take the time to understand what the different types of massage chairs in the market are, buying one can be a little frustrating. It need not be so however, because by reading up on the differences between massage chairs and what features to look out for, you’ll be well informed, enough to make a a good purchase decision. Best of all, come buying day, you’ll enjoy the process because all the different types of chairs are readily available in Canada.

Choosing between different types of massage chairs
Variety is rich in the massage chair market. Manufacturers offer up to four types of massage chairs. These are full body massage chairs, upper body massage chairs, heated massage chairs, air massage chairs and zero gravity massage chairs. Each of these chair types is unique in its own way and offers a set of design-influenced benefits. In all the chairs, the massage system uses rollers that mimic the movement of the human hand during a live massage session.

Full body massage chairs are the best for body-wide relaxation. The massage rollers move just like the human hand, performing the chosen massage techniques. Most chairs come with massage programs already fed into the system such that you only need to choose which program you would like to receive. Some give you the option of creating your own programs from the available massage movements and saving these for use whenever you need a massage. Full body massage chairs tend to have three or more massage techniques and movements, which you can combine in whichever way you like. Upper body massage chairs only massage the upper body, notably the back, neck and shoulders. They are generally smaller than full body massage chairs but premium models are made in large sizes.

Air massage chairs use air bags and air jets to carry out the massage. They can support full body or only partial body massage. Most air massage chairs also have rollers supplementing the air massage action. This varies the intensity of the massage and has a more satisfactory effect. Heated massage chairs use heat therapy while gently massaging the body. Like air massage chairs, they too can be full body or part-specific. They are very effective in providing relief from pain, soreness and tension. They also quicken healing in case of injury in the muscles and joints. Zero gravity massage chairs are very effective in providing total body relaxation. They assume the zero gravity recline position but can also be used in the upright position.

Factors that will influence your purchase
Like most other products, the decision to choose one massage chair over another is influenced by a number of factors. We discuss the most important ones below.

Price – Some massage chairs are cheaper than others. The more advanced the design of the chair, the more expensive it will be. Sleek, premium designs cost more than simple, basic designs.

Brand – You’ll probably want to buy a chair from a brand that has a mark in the industry. While newer brands and generic chair designs may be just as good as those from more established manufacturers, there is no way of knowing for sure and buying from them will be more of a gamble. These new entrants in the market offer very irresistible deals sometimes, in which case it helps to look for reviews from people who have used the chairs before you for insider information on how good the chairs are.

Size – There are small massage chairs, medium sized massage chairs and really big massage chairs. Even though the size of the chair can have an impact on its price, this is not always the case. A massage chair can be small in size but made in premium design with multiple exclusive features, factors that automatically push its price higher above that of chairs of a similar size.

Material – The materials used to make massage chairs are many and varied. Sturdy, durable materials like stainless steel and high- grain leather guarantee the longevity of the chair. But they are also quite expensive. Alternatives like treated aluminum and polyurethane are cheaper and have a considerable life span.

Massage system – Manufacturers use different massage systems, some air based, some heat based and others roller-activated. Choose a massage system that is effective and flexible, as this makes it possible to enjoy a more diverse range of massage types. While at it, check that the chair has multiple massage techniques and movements. The more techniques and movements supported, the more the massage type combinations you’ll enjoy.

Features – Premium and luxury massage chairs have more features than others. The more exclusive the features in a chair, the higher its price is going to be. Some of these features are functional, while others are aesthetic. Gauge your needs to determine which combination of features is right for you.

Warranty – The best massage chairs come with a manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty period varies from brand to brand and may cover different parts and aspects of the chair. Having the reassurance of a warranty is an important show of confidence from the manufacturer. It shows the brand cares enough about your experience using their product, enough to take responsibility if the chair doesn’t perform as expected.

Shopping for massage chairs in Canada is easy when you know how to differentiate the various types of massage chairs available. There are a number of factors to consider before buying a massage chair. Ticking through each of these will bring you closer to owning the magical massage chair that fits in with your lifestyle.