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Titan TP-Pro 8300C Massage Chair

There are a lot of benefits to enjoy once you buy the new advanced Titan Pro 8300 massage chair. This chair has been designed using the acclaimed NASA airspace seat technology. This technology strives

Titan Pro Alpine Black Zero Gravity L-Track Recliner Massage Chair

The state-of-art Titan Pro Alpine massage recliner is the  perfect way to kick back and relax after a long day.Let your body sink into all the enhanced comfort features of this sophisticated chair. T

Titan TP-Pro 8300A Massage Chair - Black

One guaranteed way through which you can alleviate stress and tiredness from your body and life in general is by investing in the next generation Titan Pro 8300 massage chair. This chair is unique bec

Titan Pro TP-8400 Cream/Brown Zero Gravity L-Track Massage Chair

There is a lot that you stand to gain when you invest in the high quality Titan Pro 8400 zero gravity massage chair. Of the Titan Pro Series options available in the market, this chair stands out beca

Titan Pro TP-8400 Black/Charcoal Zero Gravity L-Track Massage Chair

A massage is probably all you need to reinvigorate your tired body and spirit. With the Titan Pro 8400 zero gravity massage chair, your life will not only become stress-free but you will also enjoy a

Titan Pro Alpine Cream Zero Gravity L-Track Recliner Massage Chair

Getting a massage once in a while is good for your health. It would even be great if you were able to enjoy a massage session every other day. For a chance to enjoy a massage daily and improve your we

Titan Pro TP-8400 Dark Brown Zero Gravity L-Track Massage Chair

In today’s ever hectic life, people are in need of products and tools that relieve pressure and stress more than ever. A perfect solution that you can go for is the Titan Pro 8400 zero gravity massa

Titan Pro Alpine Brown Zero Gravity L-Track Recliner Massage Chair

If you are used to sitting for long hours behind a desk in the office, you can attest to the fact that by the end of the day, your back feels wooden. An accumulation of stress and weariness makes your

Titan TP-Pro 8300B Massage Chair - Beige

Many people would be thrilled if they received a gift in the form of a Titan Pro 8300 massage chair. This massage chair has embraced next generation technology but at the same time remained practical

People are continually searching for products and services that they can rely on. You don’t want to invest your money in products that end up not functioning or doing what their respective user manual says. Titan is a brand that sets itself apart from competition. It concentrates in personal wellness subsector. One of the key products it features is the zero gravity massage chair. All the massage chairs carrying the Titan brand have been designed using the most forward oriented technology while at the same time embracing the ancient practical beneficial massage techniques. With NASA’s technology of a spacecraft seat well incorporated in the chair, you can be assured of enjoying a truly relaxing life which is free of all manner of stress.

The Titan brand is prominent because the zero gravity massage chairs it produces are not only luxurious but also highly customized. Whether you are tall, short, plump or thin, these chairs while using the ingenious ‘computer body scan’ will afford you the best customized massage. The chair also comes with 5 auto programs as well as UNIQ program and L-Track Rollers. Among the chairs to pick from in this category are the TI-7700R, Pro-Executive, RT-20SH, Galaxy Kuma and AP Pro Lotus. Standard in the zero gravity massage chairs are the six unique auto massage programs. Other notable features built into Titan massage chairs include stand alone leg massagers, infrared blood circulation foot massager, hand held massagers and vibration foot. All Titan massage chairs are backed by a warranty on both materials and labor.