Use of massage chairs is on the rise, as the chairs move from being a spa/massage parlor exclusive to now a common sight in homes. The benefits of a home massage chair are just as intense as those experienced in a massage parlor. The difference here is that you actually control how the massage is delivered and you don’t have to pay for it each time you decide to use the chair. Choose the most appropriate chair for you from dozens of massage chair designs sold in Canada. Finding the right massage chair is also a matter of choosing from among the different types of products, namely full body massage chairs, upper body massage chairs, Shiatsu massage chairs, air massage chairs, heated massage chairs, portable massage chairs and zero gravity massage chairs.

Full body massage chairs – These are large and bulky in design. They come in different shapes and sizes but their basic working mechanism is the same. The chairs are built to massage all parts of the body from the neck, shoulders and back to the calves, feet, arms and hands. They have support for the head, a shoulder rest, arm rests and foot rests, all which are adjustable. The best full body massage chairs are the ones that offer a greater range of adjustability because they can be used by more people. This just means that anyone can adjust the massage chair to a position that’s perfect for their body size and shape. Some models have a body scan function which analyzes your body, outlining your body shape and identifying the pressure points. The massage rollers and air bags are then automatically adjusted for your body profile.

Upper body massage chairs – Designed specifically to massage the upper part of the body, these massage chairs work the back, neck and shoulders. Some models are also designed to massage the arms as they are connected to the shoulders. The chairs are  much smaller than full body massage chairs and are a good option for anyone looking for  reliable way to massage their back regularly but doesn’t have the financing to get a full body chair.

Roller massage chairs – The standard massage chair design, roller massage chairs use rollers to imitate the human hand movement of a manual massage. Roller massage systems are widely used in all types of massage chairs, including full body, upper body, heated, air and zero gravity chairs. Control settings make it possible to change the speed and intensity of the rollers to deliver the type of massage you want. The chairs come with preset massage programs which are a combination of two or more massage movements. Simply press the preset code of the specific program you want to enjoy the particular movements offered in that program.  Also available are multiple massage techniques which you can select for the massage. Some models allow you to save your preferred massages techniques

Air massage chairs – Types of massage chairs that use air bags to deliver the massaging action. The higher the number of air bags used in the chair, the more intensive the massage. Air massage chairs give a soft and gentle massage and are mostly used on the legs, feet, arms and hands. Many air massage chairs also have a roller massage system, so the user can activate both the air and roller massage techniques for a more intense massage in parts where greater intensity is required such as the back and neck.

Heated massage chairs – The most effective massage chairs for relaxing sore and aching muscles, heated massage chairs are popular for both commercial and home use. The chairs use heat therapy to stretch muscles and loosen tight muscles and alleviate pain in joint and tissues. In addition to the massage rollers in the chair heating up, the chair cushions and back support may also have heating pads to complement the action of the rollers.

Zero gravity massage chairs – An excellent chair for overall body and mind relaxation, the zero gravity massage chair provides the best means of relaxation after a tiring day at work. These chairs are designed to recline into the zero gravity position, allowing the feet to rise above the heart. This removes pressure from the spine and back and allows every part of the body to relax. Massage function is added to the chair to help move the body into complete relaxation. The zero gravity chair technique was invented by NASA and was successfully adopted by furniture making elites, who went ahead to add massage features, making the chair a huge success. The chairs are popular with both individuals and corporates.

While the different types of massage chairs use varying operation mechanisms, they all deliver effective massaging action. This difference in core design also means that each chair offers a unique massage experience. It is advisable to test each chair before buying to get a feel of how the chair works. If you like how it makes you feel, you can go ahead and make your purchase. Test three or more models to discover which one appeals to your core needs best.

Prices vary too, with full body massage chairs and zero gravity massage chairs costing a lot more than other types. The design and built-in features will also impact the price. For instance, an upper body massage chair can be more expensive than a full body massage chair if it is made in premium design and loaded with features. Likewise, a compact zero gravity massage chairs can have the same price as a large full body massage chair. The materials used in making the chair will also influence the price. Massage chairs made from stainless steel, for example, are more expensive than those made from aluminum.

Massage chairs come in a range of designs and types. Each is built to give a specific massage effect, a goal accomplished by combining two or more massage techniques and movements. The chairs all have different massage systems, designs, sizes and prices.