Foot Massager

The feet are those body parts that are used the most, and that’s the reason stress builds up in them. When your feet start killing you, all you need is a nice foot massage by a massage therapist. Ever wondered how relaxed would you feel if you had your own foot massager at home? So why should you spend money and time on something which can be done in the comfort of your home? The market is full of foot massagers these days that give the same amazing feeling that a therapist’s fingers can give. These machines are meant to provide relief to you after a long and stressful day. A proper foot massager can renew lost energy, improve blood circulation, alleviate pain, and relax the whole body.

Why buy a foot massager?
Massage therapists charge a lot and it is very difficult to take out money from your pocket if you’re low on budget. Moreover, you have to go to a massage parlor to get the job done, which costs both time and money. Buying a foot massager will save not only money but also time. You won’t have to book an appointment to get a massage done; instead, you can use it anytime you’re free at home.

Technology has overtaken everything and now foot massagers are very advanced too. Some advanced foot massagers contain multiple massaging actions, while others provide heat, foot bath, and a water massage too. One of the main advantages of using a foot massager is that it improves the blood circulation in the body and increases blood flow in the bottom part of the body. Foot massagers also help decrease stress level and tension and can make you feel fresh and healthy.
What to look for in a foot massager?

There are a lot of options when you decide to purchase a foot massager and you need to know which one meets your requirements. Consider the following factors before you buy a foot massager:

A foot massager should be large enough to accommodate your feet. However, if there are additional features such as calf massage, it’ll increase in size as compared to other normal ones. Some foot massagers are small enough to be kept in your bag or purse. These compact foot massagers can be taken anywhere such as the office and can be used to relax yourself when you get a break from work. Before purchasing, you must measure the space where you want to keep the foot massager.

Massaging action
The massaging action is another important thing to consider because it impacts the way your foot massage is done. Some foot massagers perform lifting and rubbing actions to create an amazing massage feeling. Others use a technique of vibration which relaxes the muscles and removes stiffness and tightening from the tendons and joints. The ultra-fast oscillations work on sore muscles and are very effective as compared to other shallow vibrating foot massagers. There are some foot massagers that work on the Japanese principles and use the technique of kneading muscles. These machines are much deeper than the normal vibrators. Reflexology machines benefit the whole body and stimulate only particular areas of the feet.

Additional features
Some foot massagers are very advanced and use water and jets of bubbles to keep the feet relaxed and alleviated. Calf massaging machines are taller as compared to the others because their functionality requires more volume. Other foot massaging machines include heating options and massage intensity options to make the experience more customized.

Bottom line
As you have a lot of options of foot massagers to choose from, consider the factors given above and then buy one that meets your requirements. Like any other electronic gadget, there are many variations of foot massagers and it only depends on you which type you prefer. Also, consider the price factor and don’t invest in something that is pricier and has fewer features. Some foot massagers are designed to treat different diseases and health conditions, but before buying any such foot massager, you must consult a physician. You can use foot massagers for curing diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, restless leg syndrome, and fibromyalgia.