Portable Massage Chair

As more people aspire to attain optimal health, there is a growing need among many to take care of their physical health. Because of the quick paced nature of modern living, many people do not find sufficient time for rest. Investing in a portable massage chair will help your body relax whenever you crave some rejuvenation. The greatest advantage in having a portable massage chair is that you can take it with you wherever you’re going. You can also use it in different rooms because carrying it across the house is easy. Portable massage chairs are widely available in Canada and come in a range of designs and sizes.

Portable Massage ChairA portable massage chair can be used both inside the house and out in the open. Placing one outside and allowing it to soothe your muscles as you relax on a warm afternoon can be just as rejuvenating as going to the spa. Best of all, these types of massage chairs are very affordable. They may not be cheap but they offer great value for money and their benefits far outweigh the cost. Whether you have thousands of dollars to spend on a portable massage chair or can only spare a few hundred dollars for one, you will find an appropriate massage chair for your budget.

To make carrying these massage chairs easy, manufacturers design them in a simplistic but efficient design which does not take up plenty of space. They are built to be light enough to carry without straining but strong enough to support weights that are between 250 and 600 pounds, depending on model. The chairs weigh as little as 15 pounds and are hardly heavier than 25 pounds, a manageable weight that makes lifting them easy. Light stainless steel and aluminum are the two materials commonly used to make the frame of the chair, while the seat and body rests can be made from leather, PVC leather, polyurethane or vinyl, materials that are also easy to clean and care for.

The chair comes with a carry case to make moving it easy. Some cases have wheels for easy portability. Most carry cases for extremely light massage chairs do not have wheels as the chair is light enough to lift by hand. To fit in the bag, the chair folds easily and this also makes storage easy. Like non-portable massage chairs, this chair is adjustable in all the parts that matter, namely the height, face cradle, head rest, seat, arm rest and chest rest. Some chairs are more adjustable than others. Pick a chair that offers the kind of flexibility you require, including multiple tilt and recline levels, as this allows the chair to be comfortably used by more people.

A portable massage chair has the same relaxing effect as a professional massage or spa chair. Choose a model that delivers the level of comfort you desire from the dozens of portable massage chairs showcased for sale in Canada.