Zero Gravity Massage Chair

A large percentage of the Canadian population is turning to fitness and wellness programs in a bid to optimize their health and wellbeing. It’s a wave that has seen an increase in the uptake of massage chairs in the country. Unlike a pay-per-session at the therapist’s, massage chairs have the added advantage of being within your reach whenever you need them. Buying one is therefore a wise idea. As much as the use of massage chairs is increasing and the prices are considerably affordable, the cost of these chairs is still high enough to have an impact on your finances. As such, it is imperative to buy the best quality of massage chair that you can afford. Zero gravity massage chairs are one example of such chairs.

zero gravity massage chairThe principle behind zero gravity massage chairs is elevation of the legs above the heart and against gravity, putting the body into a neutral, near weightless position. In this posture, the weight is taken off the spine and all body muscles are relaxed and restored to their natural state. The massage action of the chair is then activated with the body in this position and pressure points, sore joints and tense muscles are completely relaxed and stretched. To optimize the relaxing sensation, multiple massage techniques are included in a zero gravity massage chair. Set the chair to activate different massage movements as you like by choosing from the auto-programs fed into the chair massage system.

Most massage chair manufacturers have a line of zero gravity massage chairs in their catalogue. While the workings of a zero gravity massage chair are the same across the brands, each manufacturer is free to fine tune their design as much as they like and add any number of extra features as they deem necessary. The more relaxing a zero gravity chair is, the better the massage experience will be. For this, the chair frame is sturdily built and the recline angles polished such that the chair bends gently. Adjusting the recline while you’re seated on the chair is smooth; the jolting movement experienced in some low quality massage chairs is absent.

Zero gravity massage chairs come with a broad range of customization options. The chair gives you a high level of adjustments, making it easy for people of different body sizes and heights to customize the massage chair to the best position for their profile. When you do not want to use the zero gravity recline, you can still recline the chair at various other angles.

Zero gravity massage chairs provide an ideal way to relax and restore full functionality to the body. These chairs combine the relaxing effect of the zero gravity recline with the therapeutic effects of a robotic massage. Every reputable massage chair manufacturer has a zero gravity line featuring massage chairs with different massage techniques. Compare the different top tier zero gravity massage chairs in Canada to find the chair that best suits your lifestyle and budget.